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October 15, 2018

Wrapping Up Weddings

This post makes me feel a little emotional… in a good way! Maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting married in eleven days (next week!!!!!!) ;) I am just so thankful for all the wonderful couples who have put their trust in me over the last few years, and I couldn’t feel more honored. Choosing your wedding photographer is a huge deal, and to be the one that was able to capture these memories… it’s just priceless.

It’s been a little over two weeks since I photographed my last wedding, and the best way to describe it is bittersweet! But to be completely honest, it’s mostly sweet. Of course there’s a part of me that misses weddings, but I am just SO glad that I get to spend my Saturday’s with Chris! The Lord has been so gracious, and my editing business is absolutely wonderful. It is exactly what I needed, and I know it will be a huge blessing in our marriage.

I wish I could hug each of my couples one more time and give them a big “thank you!”, but this blog post will have to suffice. Thank you for allowing me into your families for this momentous day, for treating me with care and respect, and for putting your faith in me. The weight of that is not lost on me, and I was truly honored to be there!

And thank you to all the wonderful readers who have stuck by me this long… You don’t go unnoticed! There will be changes coming very soon, but I hope to see you all follow through them with me. This may be my last post until after the wedding, but I’ll be able to reveal a lot more details afterwards! I am just so excited, and can’t wait for the 26th!!! :)

I went back through every single wedding of mine, and pulled out a few of my very favorites from over the years. These images make me so happy, and so proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish! I hope you enjoy looking through them too <3

This donut photo has circulated allllllll over the internet!


One of my favorite ceremony venues, Shenandoah Woods!


This couple is also Chris & Emily!! ;)


Oh, how I love fall colors!


Such a sweet first look <3


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