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August 28, 2017

Why Engagement Sessions Are So Important For Brides

I include a complementary engagement session in my wedding package, and there are a few very specific reasons for it! Most of the time, brides are super happy that an engagement session is included in the package. Other brides are looking to save a few dollars, and ask if the engagement session can be taken off for a lower package price. While I completely understand that question, the answer is “no” because A) it’s technically not included in the price anyway, and B) I think it’s VITAL to the wedding day!

Of course, I would never force a bride and groom to have an engagement session, but if it’s included, why not?? You don’t gain anything from skipping out on it. But you do gain some stunning portraits if you go through with it! It’s a win-win, really.

Here are 3 reasons why I think engagement sessions are an essential part of this season in your life together!

1. Form a Connection It is so so so important to have a connection with your photographer! Engagement sessions are the perfect time to casually meet and get to know each other, without the craziness of getting married that day!! And while it’s certainly possible to form that connection over a wedding day, it’s a whole lot harder. There is so much that is already happening on a wedding day, you don’t want “meet the photographer” to be on your list as well! Plus, it’s SO much easier to take those cute and cuddly “just married!” portraits when you’re comfortable with your photographer. Honestly, you will probably spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day, than your own brand new husband! An engagement session will lead to a much more comfortable wedding day.

2. Know Your Best Poses When you’ve spent about 2 hours being photographed at your engagement session, not only do you and your groom become absolutely PROS at modeling (which will make you feel like a rockstar on your wedding day!), your photographer will know the very best poses to use for you at your wedding! It’s a great way for the photographer to get a better idea of what poses you are most comfortable in, and which poses just aren’t your favorite. We also get a chance to see how you both interact with each other… Are you super snuggly? Or more reserved with your affection? That feedback is so helpful for on the wedding day! 

3. Be Relaxed on Your Wedding Day If you trust your photographer, you will definitely feel more at ease with having a camera around you all day long ;) Having an engagement session beforehand will ensure that you have time to form that bond before the stress takes over. You want to leave your engagement session feeling like you made a new friend, and like the photography aspect of your wedding day is going to be a breeze.

Hopefully this makes you even more excited to spend some time with your photographer! Have fun with it, get to know each other better, and treat yourself to a date night dinner afterwards… You deserve it!!

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