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July 16, 2016

Tyler & Ariel | Married Second Shooting for Lindsay Fauver

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of second shooting a wedding for the wonderful Lindsay Fauver! She is such a classy lady – all around a Southern Belle. I loved getting to chat with her throughout the wedding day, and watch her work. I don’t get the change to second shoot very much anymore, since I’m too busy with my own weddings, but what a fun change of pace it is!!

It was a very hot & humid Saturday, and I felt like my face might melt off, but Tyler & Ariel sailed through their portrait time like it was nothing. I absolutely adored the florals (from Over The Top Flower Shop), which truly made the wedding even more stunning. Future brides: if you can, spending a bit more on your florals is always so worth it. You will never regret that!

Such a beautiful wedding, for two beautiful people! Enjoy a few of my favorites from the day. Thanks Lindsay, for letting me work with you!

Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0001Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0002Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0003Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0004Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0005Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0006Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0007Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0008Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0009Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0010Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0011Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0012Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0013Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0014Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0015Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0016Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0017Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0018Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0019Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0020Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0021Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0022Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0023Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0024Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0025Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0026Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0027Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0028Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0029Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0030Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0031Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0032Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0033Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0034Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0035Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0036Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0037Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0038Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0039Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0040Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0041Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0042Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0043Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0044Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0045Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0046Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0047Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0048Tyler & Ariel Wedding_0049

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