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April 5, 2017

Twenty One

I’m interrupting the usual Wednesday blog schedule, and bringing you my birthday post! Hooray! Last Saturday I turned 21, and it was an incredible day. My family knows how to make me feel so loved and special!

Just like last year, the stupid singing birds outside my window woke me up bright and early. But this year, I didn’t mind quite as much, because I knew I was going to get up to run anyway! It was a gorgeous morning… watching the sunrise I just felt so thankful! I came home and undid all that exercise by downing 1.5 cinnamon rolls. Not just any cinnamon roll though, the Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls (yes, the ones from Florida) that are my favorite in the world. 

After breakfast, I got a call from Strite’s Donuts saying that they had made my favorite donuts, and I could come get a free one for my birthday! Talk about customer service :) Joelle and I went and picked up a fruity pebble donut, and then with some Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand, we hit the mall for a little shopping. We met mom and dad at the Sub Station for a delicious lunch, and then went and played with PUPPIES.

Clearly the greatest decision of the day, we played with tiny little white bichon puppies, and it absolutely made my day. Afterwards, Joelle and I went and got a pedicure while mom made my favorite food… cheeseburgers and mac & cheese <3

And of course, it’s not my birthday without the infamous trifle cake. Pretty sure this is the 8th year in a row I’ve had it… haha! It’s just that good.

Thank you so much to everyone that wished me a happy birthday! 21 is going to be amazing.


For my birthday, I got two gift cards to IKEA, so on Monday we went and basically bought the whole store. ;) I got so many new things for my apartment! I can’t wait!!

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