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July 7, 2015

Tips for Photographing The Guys For Photographers

A lot of female photographers feel a little intimidated when they’re photographing guys. And I think it’s because the guys typically either A) don’t want to be there, or B) don’t know what on earth they’re doing ;) But in actuality, guys are sometimes easier to pose! I’ve found that they loosen up quicker than the ladies, and as long as you give them clear directions (as you should – male or female!), they are good to go!

When I’m photographing the groom/groomsmen together, I will typically start out with just your typical poses. I’ll have the groom in the middle, and his groomsmen on both sides. We get a few smiling photos, a few of the guys looking off into the distance, and a couple laughing shots. Then, once I’ve got those ‘typical’ shots, I feel free to be a bit more creative! Don’t be afraid to let your subjects know exactly what you want them to do, because that’s actually what they want too! They are just waiting for your direction.


Tip #1: Pay attention to the hands. Take a moment before you start snapping away to look at each guys hand placement. If something looks off, fix it!! I make sure that all of their hands are the exact same way. For example, I’ll tell the guys on the right to put their hands right over left, and the guys on the left to put their hands left over right. Hands are something that are easy to miss, but they can make or break a photos.

The second part of that tip is for when you’re photographing one guy by himself. If he seems a little shy or uncomfortable, one of the biggest things you can do to make him feel more comfortable, is to tell him exactly what to do with his hands, before he even asks. Hands in his pockets, adjusting cufflinks, playing with his tie, unbuttoning his jacket… This gives him something to do and concentrate on, and it makes it much less awkward.


Tip #2: Make it fun for them! Like I said, I really think it’s easier for the guys to loosen up quicker! But they’ll only do it if you let them. Sometimes if I’m right in the middle of pictures and I can just feel the tension, I’ll make them do something silly like jump in the air, or tickle the groom (yes, that’s a thing), and that makes for some really genuine laughing pictures, as well as gets them more comfortable. 


Tip #3: Let’s face it. Guys want to look cool and manly in their photos. So it’s our job to pose them in a way that is flattering and achieves ‘coolness’. Here are some poses that are more manly and less feminine:

  • Have their head tilted a little away from the camera, and their chin down slightly. This emphasizes the jaw line
  • Sitting on a chair with their elbows on their knees. But don’t have them put both hands under their chin. 
  • Arms crossed in front of their chest
  • Keep ‘GQ’ in your mind while posing guys. Do your research on Pinterest and really figure out what makes that picture super awesome. Is it the way his hands are? Or is he squinting his eyes? There is so much that goes in to making that picture amazing!


Hope this was helpful! The best way to get better at posing guys is to just practice! So get out there and start shooting some men ;)

1 Comment on Tips for Photographing The Guys

  1. Josie

    July 10th, 2015 at 7:06 pm

    Thank-you for posting this! It was super helpful!

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