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October 1, 2014

Thomas & Jenny | Married


This is one of the most special posts I have ever written!! I have been SO excited to share this wedding with you! It’s kind of surreal that I’m writing my sister’s wedding post! While I was editing all the photos, it was pretty strange to see mom helping Jenny into her dress, or looking at her bridal portraits! I just can’t believe that she’s married!! I am so happy for her and Thomas, and I’m so excited to finally have a brother!!

This wedding deserves waaaaay more than just one post ;) So fear not, this week is Wedding Week on the blog!! I have so many behind-the-scenes and setting up photos to post! 

I will most definitely write more on this later, but I have to say a HUGE thank you to Megan of Megan Kelsey Photography!! She is my wonderful friend, and when I contacted her months ago asking if she’d be willing to second-shoot for me, she said she would love to!! This was such a strange wedding to second-shoot for, because at times she had to be the lead photographer {like while I was a bridesmaid in the ceremony ;)}! Megan did an absolutely incredible job, and I am so thankful for her willingness to help me with this!! All the photos of me, the ceremony, the guys getting ready, and all the venue and bridal details were taken by her! 

This post has so many photos. So if you don’t care to look at lots of wedding pictures, you might just want to leave right now ;)

So without further ado, The Best Day Ever!! 


This is the home we got ready in! It is literally a mansion. It has several wings, a large wine cellar, a huge patio {with a fountain}, and an elevator. It was the most beautiful house I have ever seen!!



Mom made all of us brunch!! She did an absolutely amazing job of letting everything go once the wedding day came, and being present in the day :)



Our dresses looked so beautiful together!!



I love these that Megan got of her ring!! Jenny’s flowers were absolutely STUNNING!! The most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever seen!



I love the way Jenny’s lace dress contrasts with her tattoo :)



I did a surprisingly good job of not crying during dad and Jenny’s first look ;) I kept my face behind my camera and kept shooting! Haha!



So thankful I had Megan stand behind Jenny to capture this second perspective!!



Love this one <3



Love Megan’s shot of Jenny coming through the door on the left! {side note: isn’t that patio stunning??}



I just have to say… I absolutely adore all of these bride & groom photos!!



Holy cannoli, my sister is gorgeous!! I want this as a canvas on my wall!! ;)



Love this different angle Megan had!



I love this photo so much :)



And this one ;)




What a good-looking bridal party!! :)



Megan ran down to the barn to grab some shots of it untouched, while I took some groomsmen photos!




Kate made all these!! Isn’t her handwriting incredible??




Mom and dad made these giant marquee letters!! They were absolutely stunning! Everyone loved them :)



I handed my camera to one of Jenny’s friends, and he grabbed a few shots for a different perspective from Megan! I’m so glad he was able to capture Thomas’s face when Jenny came down the aisle!



Daddy looks so proud :)



I didn’t cry as much as I did at the rehearsal, but I definitely teared up at Thomas’s vows :)



They’re married!!



While they were setting up the bridal party table inside, we took a few more bride & groom portraits! These were taken in about 5-10 minutes… they’re pros ;)



This guestbook was SO important to them!! All the guests put their thumbprint around the mason jar, and then signed it! It turned out absolutely adorable!!



My aunt is an artist, and she drew the mason jar! It couldn’t have turned out any more perfect!



Yes, we ate haystacks at the wedding :) BEST wedding food ever!! Mom was in charge of all the food, but the day of the wedding she had several other friends in charge of heating it up and setting it all out! Mom did an amazing job :)



Jenny and I hung those globe lights in a criss-cross pattern on Thursday night, and they looked beautiful!!



Jenny & Thomas don’t really like cake, so they had several different pies instead! Not one thing happened at their wedding that wasn’t specifically placed there with a lot of thought.



My grandpa Sacra praying before the meal



Jenny specifically wanted the photo on the right, so right after the bridal party went to get food, I grabbed my camera and we made it happen! They didn’t have a first dance, but wanted a ‘dance-like’ shot under their T & J :) It’s one of my favorites from the whole wedding, because it’s so THEM!



Lifesize Jenga and corn hole outside! It was the perfect rustic wedding, without being redneck ;)



BABY!! You know we had to invite her ;) On their invitation, we wrote “To Baby, and two guests” ;) She even wore a little bracelet, and it was the cutest thing ever :)



My parents are so amazing :)



Mom took these of the four of us :)



Byrd, the 5th sister!! :) We love her so much!



Some dancing pictures by Megan, to finish off the wedding!



I asked Megan if I should photograph the exit, or experience it. She said “oh no, definitely experience it!!” and I’m so glad!! Megan did such a wonderful job {I had no doubts ;)}



Not quite sure what Kate’s doing in that picture on the right ;)



And they’re off to the lake for their honeymoon!!



A few after-the-wedding photos



Love this one :) Kate needs to move back from Florida ASAP.



The perfect end to a perfect day.

7 Comments on Thomas & Jenny | Married

  1. Emily Ann

    October 1st, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    LOVE these!!! Sooo beautiful!!!

  2. Olivia

    October 1st, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    adorable! these are gorgeous – what a beautiful day. x

  3. Sereina

    October 1st, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    This has to be one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen! I love all the homemade details and how everything included was so intentional. Really makes it special. The photos you and Megan captured are gorgeous. Love that you were able to be their photographer and still be in the wedding.

  4. Aarti

    October 1st, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    Beautiful pictures…you all look lovely…blessings and wish a happy life to your sister ahead…Following your blog always makes my day Emily….You’re doing a great job!!!!

  5. MargaretAnn

    October 2nd, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Love these so much!! Jenny is one of the most beautiful brides I’ve seen… she’s laughing in every picture! And you all look gorgeous (as usual).

  6. Patricia Rankin

    October 2nd, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    Awesome photos,Emily! I love your photography

  7. Emily Ruth

    October 4th, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    These photos are amazing!!!! I looove the ones of them holding the polaroids. They are honestly the cutest couple ever. I can’t even.

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