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February 13, 2017

The Travel Bug

I am a very weird person. I feel a constant need to get out, explore without a plan, and travel the world. I also simultaneously feel a need to stay home, sleep on my crazy comfy bed, and stay far far away from any and all people. Most of the time my homebody side wins out, because lets be honest, it’s a whole lot cheaper. However, I am a huge believer that paying money to travel is always worth it, so it’s something I am pretty much always willing to do!

But anyway, all of that to say that sometimes my need to travel manifests itself by way of me buying slightly-spur-of-the-moment plane tickets to Florida, and just hoping that all the details work out. Last Wednesday, Joelle and I hopped on a flight and made our way to visit Kate & Ron!

We had the greatest time… It is probably one of my very favorite trips to Florida we’ve taken (and you know we’ve taken a LOT!). The weather was absolutely amazing… super low humidity, bright sunshine, and the perfect warm breeze. If Florida was like that all the time, I would move in a heartbeat! It is just so beautiful, and seeing the palm trees swaying in the wind makes my heart happy.

We left early Wednesday morning, and were soaring above the clouds by noon. We landed in Tampa around 2:30pm, and spent the afternoon catching up with Kate and then went to see Hidden Figures at the theater! I had seen it before with mom, and I knew they would both love it. SUCH a great movie! Thursday morning we slept in and had brunch at Pinky’s, who has the most amazing breakfast quesadilla in the entire world. I’m not even joking. Pinky’s and Bar Taco are two of the main reasons I fly down to Florida so often. (oh yeah, and my sister lives there…)

After breakfast we were absolutely stuffed, but we went and got mini donuts anyway. Then we went back home and got ready for a fun beach photoshoot! We drove to St. Pete and played hangman in the sand for an hour, waiting for the sun to set a little more. It was the highlight of my trip – I love them!

The entire trip I had been craving a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel. So Friday morning my dreams came true at Brooklyn Water Bagels! SO GOOD. I also got the most delicious iced coffee from them, and I’m so sad we don’t have one here in Harrisonburg :( After breakfast we went shopping at the mall, and then ice skating! Joelle and I didn’t pack our skates, and it was so weird skating on rentals. Never again. Ew.

We had definitely worked up an appetite, so we went for a late lunch at Bar Taco. Best tacos in the history of the world. Then we walked around Hyde Park a bit, making very important withdrawals at the cupcake ATM (yes, that’s a thing), and posing with giant red hearts. We were pretty exhausted afterwards, so we went home, cooked dinner, and watched House Hunters and laughed until our stomachs hurt and we were crying.

Saturday morning we got up, packed up our things, and got to the airport at 7am. It’s always so sad saying goodbye! But I know it won’t be long until they’re back up for a visit! Thanks, Kate & Ron, for letting us crash with you ;) Love you!!

Coffee really doesn’t keep me awake, but I still drank about 328 iced coffees on the trip. Why not??


Together again! Just missing Jenny :(


I love leaving 30* weather in Virginia and coming to Tampa to see these gorgeous colors and 75* temps!!


Sometimes I dream about this quesadilla. Amazing.


Cute little geckos EVERYWHERE.


Voting on the beach…


Even before Kate wrote out her letter spaces, I was thinking “when it’s my turn I’m going to do ‘Flamingo’!”, and I couldn’t believe it when SHE picked that one too! Great minds think alike ;)


The colors in these make me so happy <3


I love the one on the left!!


Oh my gosh, this bagel was huge and absolutely amazing. I needed it.




This card at Paper Source cracked me up ;)

Such a fun trip! I can’t wait to be bitten by the travel bug again soon :)

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