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February 7, 2018

The One With The Wedding Planning Wednesday Wrap Up | Vol. 85

It’s been quite a while since my last Wrap Up post, but that’s because so much has happened! Between getting engaged, planning all the little details, booking vendors, TAX SEASON, and preparing for 2018 engagement sessions and weddings, these posts have fallen to the wayside. But here I am, with some updates for you!

First, I found my dress!!! Wedding dress shopping was SO much fun! I had a very specific idea of what I wanted, but I was open to trying on all the different silhouettes and styles. After all, I had NEVER tried on wedding dresses before, because I was determined to wait until I was engaged! So I wanted to try on ALL THE DRESSES!! I was a super quick changer, and by the end, I had tried on 10 dresses – with number 10 being The One! And ironically, it’s almost exactly what I pictured myself wearing :) I love it so much, and I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day, and for Chris to see it! I fit into the sample size, so I was able to take the dress home with me that day, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go upstairs to mom’s closet to look at it almost daily, and occasionally try it on again ;)

No, this is not my dress ;) It was so much fun to wear though!!

As far as vendors go, so far I have booked my photographer, videographer, and venue! The three main purchases, all taken care of. What a relief! The biggest things I’m working on now are florals and rentals (chairs, tables, etc). My biggest struggle is a TENT! I don’t at all envision my wedding under a tent, but since I’m getting married outside, I feel like I need to have a backup in case in rains. But in the past 5 years, it hasn’t rained more than .5 inch at the end of October, so I can’t imagine I’d need it! But of course, as soon as I don’t get one, we’ll have a monsoon on our wedding day ;) It’s just so hard to justify spending $1000+ on something I don’t even want at the wedding!! Oh well, it’ll all get worked out :)

I was reminded though, that a few years ago it snowed about a foot on October 20th. Which at that point, I think I’d just give up and elope ;)

Last week, I took my ring to get resized. It fits SO much better now! Driving with that little plastic thing on the bottom was an absolute pain. I had told Chris when we were dating that I’m a size 6.5, so that’s what he got me! But when I went to get resized, I actually could comfortably wear a size 5?!?! So yeah, the ring was a little large ;) I decided to get it resized to a 6, becahse I know my fingers will swell in the summertime, and a 6 definitely won’t fall off. It was so hard going a week without my ring!! I didn’t like it one bit.

Speaking of rings, another thing we did last week was make Chris’s wedding band(s)! He decided that he’d like a wood band, and figured why not make it himself! They turned out so beautiful, and I love that he’ll be able to wear something so personal. He’d love to get into selling some rings too, so if you’re interested, shoot me an email ;)

Another big check on the wedding to-do list was invitations! Kate is doing calligraphy on all the envelopes for me, so I wanted to go ahead and get them a few months in advance so she could be working on them. Honestly, I designed our invitations before we were even engaged, so it was just a matter of comparing prices and getting them ordered. I decided on Paper&More, and they came in the mail last week! They are BEAUTIFUL, and I can’t wait to send them out!!

Wedding planning has been fun, but it’s certainly not without its moments of “THIS IS SO MUCH MONEY” and “SCREW THIS WE’RE JUST GOING TO ELOPE” ;) Thankfully, both my family and my fiancé are really good at calming me down and my meltdowns usually last no longer than 30 minutes, hahaha. We only have 261 days left until we get married!!!! I absolutely can’t wait!

I can’t let this post go by without mentioning something about The Greatest Showman. I have gone to see it 4 times, and it’ll be 5 before the week is over. The very last showing is tomorrow at 10:15pm, and since all us girls are obsessed with it, we’ve decided to miss out on previous sleep just to see it one last time. Anyone else as obsessed as we are?? It’s SO GOOD.

The Shoot & Share photo contest is well underway, and I’ve been voting whenever I have free time! So far I’m up to 48 favorites, and last year at the end I had around 140 I think? That feels like so long ago, even though it’s only been a year! So much has happened since then :) And it’s all been so wonderful!

I hope you all are enjoying 2018 so far, and if you remember, pray that I stay sane during wedding planning ;) 

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