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February 1, 2017

The One With The Photo Contest Wednesday Wrap Up | Vol. 64

Today’s post is brought to you about 5 hours late… Thanks to the Shoot & Share photo contest that began today. This is the first year I have ever entered anything into the contest, and I have been so excited for voting to begin! I have my whole family voting too ;) This morning Joelle had two iPads set up and was voting her heart out! So far we’ve only seen two of my photos, but honestly I was shocked to see any at all! I know the majority of photographers never even see their photos while voting, since it’s so random. This is going to be a huge time waster in the coming weeks, and I can’t wait ;)

Something I am also super excited about is that in the month of February (side note: I can’t believe we’re already in the second month of 2017…) I am offering new 2017 brides $300 off their package price! Hey, I might not have a Valentine this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t congratulate the lucky people that do ;)

A week from today, Joelle and I will be flying to Florida! I am so excited for the warm weather, and to see Kate and Ron again. You can bet that I will be voting for photos the entire flight down ;)

Joelle and I have also been taking figure skating lessons the month of January, and today is our last lesson. It has been the greatest experience! We’ve had SO much fun. I have been skating for years, and I’ve tried teaching Joelle everything I know. But everything I knew was what I had taught myself, so this class has shown us the correct way to position our feet, spin, and so much more. In fact, I loved it so much, I am going to start taking regular lessons. I’ll have to drive an hour and a half each week to get to the ice, but it will be so worth it. Yesterday I drove to Charlottesville for a boot fitting, and soon I’ll have brand new skates – just waiting to be broken in!

Also, here is a picture of my Chick-fil-A lunch the other day, just to make you as hungry as I currently am.


I know this is a short post, but I keep scrolling up to look at that photo, and I am getting very distracted by it. I am so hungry I can smell it. I think it’s time to close it out before I pass out from hunger. Have a great week, everyone ;)

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