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June 15, 2016

The One With The Long Hot Summer Wednesday Wrap Up | Vol. 41

This week is preparation-for-the-lake week! And operation-clean-up-the-basement week. And also try-to-get-business-things-squared-away-before-I-leave week. So it’s been a little bit hectic :)

Just yesterday I knocked out three new posts to be scheduled for while I’m away! Let me tell you, I am so excited for this vacation. And it’s perfect timing too… I have had a wedding every weekend for the last 6 weekends in a row! This weekend I’ll be off (and packing everything up to leave the next morning for the lake), arriving home on Wednesday, catching up on business stuff on Thursday, and leaving Friday for a beach wedding! It’ll get crazy again really fast, but it looks like in 3 weeks I’ll have another break! 

A few weeks ago, I bought a solar cover for our pool. Let me tell you, that has been the best purchase of my life. Last year I didn’t get in the pool as much, because the water pretty much stayed in the 70’s (even late in the summer!). This year it’s already been past 85* and it’s only been up a few weeks! It’s crazy. The water feels so good, and I’ll get in so much more often.

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Literally no one is surprised that we own these donut floats.

My fellow photographers probably know my struggle. You know, the one where you call your mechanic to set up an appointment for an oil change and he says “wait, what? You were just here?!”. Yup, that is my life. While the normal person has an appointment every 3 months (or 3,000 miles), mine are at least every month. I love my job, but MAN is it a lot of driving!!

Maybe one day I’ll do a post about it, but SHOOTQ HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I don’t know if I can even fit all the amazingness in one post. I use it literally every day of my life, and without it my business life would be a disorganized mess. I am such an organized person, but when it comes to tracking when I need to send invoices, timelines, questionnaires, anniversary gifts, thank you notes, and everything in between, ShootQ keeps it all right there for me, with handy little boxes for me to check off when I’m done. HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD.

There is so much to do today, so I’m off! Have a wonderful week!

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