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March 15, 2017

The One With The Dog Show Wednesday Wrap Up | Vol. 70

Alternative title: The One With The Unwanted Snow… We haven’t gotten any snow all year, not even a dusting, and now in March the east coast gets a big snow storm! Thankfully, we didn’t get nearly the amount of snow that was predicted, but it was enough to close schools down. The roads where I live were completely cleared by 8am yesterday, so it didn’t even feel like a snow storm! I am super thankful for that though, because it’s March. Especially with the 70* weather we had been having, I was not ready for spring to leave.

It’s supposed to be pretty cold the rest of the week, but then next week is going to warm up a little bit again. I am so excited for spring to really be here!

I have an engagement session in DC next week, and we desperately want those famous cherry blossoms! I’m hoping and praying that the snow hasn’t killed them, and we can have some gorgeous pink blooms. I’m keeping a very close eye on the Cherry Blossoms Watch Facebook page ;)

Oliver wasn’t too impressed with the snow either. His little body and freshly cut hair got way too cold, haha!

Speaking of dogs though… On Saturday, Joelle and I went and watched a dog show that was coming through our area! It was probably the greatest day of my life. There were fluffy puppers EVERYWHERE, and they all looked so cute and happy to be there! I saw two Bernese Mountain Dogs, and I just love them to death <3 They are precious! Now I just want to travel and go to dog shows for the rest of my life.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to meet Sidney from Sidney Leigh Photography… I had no idea that we grew up less than 30 minutes away from each other our whole lives! Her family has built a brand new, GORGEOUS, farmers market, and it looks like it was decorated by Joanna Gaines herself. Sidney gave me a tour of the new wedding venue, and I am absolutely in love with it. It is SUCH an amazing space, and I’m dying to shoot a wedding there now!!

I still have that super fun announcement that is coming soon… If everything goes well, I should be able to share about it next week!! It’s a big one, so stay tuned ;) Have a great week!!

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