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January 11, 2017

The One With The Cold Snap Wednesday Wrap Up - Vol. 62

I don’t mind wintertime. I enjoy being cold and curling up with a blanket. I hate feeling hot and sticky in the summer, so even though it’s cold and dreary, I prefer winter weather! But this past week has robbed me of that. It is so. cold. To give you a frame of reference, yesterday it got up to 30*, and I was practically rejoicing over how warm it felt!! It has been in the single digits (though mostly the teens), wind whipping through your clothes, and just all around pretty miserable.

But still, I am thankful it’s not 100* outside with 100% humidity. I am definitely not ready for that yet :) I am excited for some spring weather, because I’m ready to run outside again!!

Speaking of running and being healthy, I wish I could say I’ve done incredibly well with that ;) Running has been great, and I’ve been super consistent. I have run every morning (except Saturday & Sunday), and each run gets a little faster. Yesterday I ran my mile in 7 minutes and 36 seconds!

The healthy eating thing though… That’s been a bit more of a struggle. I did SO well the entire week last week… Until Saturday night. Mom made several 3 pound cinnamon rolls (I’m regretting showing her that Facebook video… ;), and how could I say no to that?? Sunday I mostly got back on low carb, but there were a few handfuls of m&m’s that threw me off. And then Monday, Hannah and I were in desperate need of some carbs and some together time, so we got Chick-fil-A and milkshakes ;) And then Tuesday was the grand opening of the Krispy Kreme in our town, so of course yesterday was a cheat day too ;) Today I’m going to get back into it 100%, and hopefully there will be no more cheating this week.

But let’s revisit that other sentence… The fact that we now have a Krispy Kreme… !! Who knew that little old Harrisonburg would be home to the glorious Hot & Ready sign? Thank goodness for JMU – I guess they knew the college students need their donuts ;)

Mom, Joelle, and I went to the grand opening yesterday around 2pm. I knew it would be busy, but I didn’t think it would be as insane as it was!! We had driven separately, and were stuck in line to even get into the parking lot. We waited for about 30 minutes, until I finally pulled off into a nearby parking lot and ran across to mom’s car so we could wait together! Once we got to the door, it was wrapped all the way down the hall, and we waited for another hour just to get to the front of the line. But man oh man, was it worth it. I seriously considered ordering a pizza while I was in line and having it delivered, because I hadn’t eaten lunch yet and the smell of those donuts was just too good. 

On Friday, mom, Joelle, Jenny, and I made the trip to IKEA – our favorite place in the world. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but somehow I walked out with a TON of new stuff (including a new bed frame and a new feather comforter?? how does this happen??). IKEA has a very strange pull on me, and it’s pretty near impossible for me to walk out without spending anything. IKEA and Target… they are my two weaknesses.

I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so as soon as I publish this post I am going out to the kitchen and I’m praying that dad finished off all those donuts for breakfast so they won’t tempt me anymore ;) Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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