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April 12, 2017

The One With The Busy Workweek Wednesday Wrap Up | Vol. 73

Now that it’s April, I feel like I’m finally getting back into my busier season. Engagement sessions, weddings, new bookings… I love it all! I love waking up early to make my to-do list for the day, and having a schedule to follow. You guys know I am a crazy obsessive planner, so my lists keep me sane ;)

Over the last few weeks, I have gotten so much stuff for the new apartment. In fact, it’s so much that we had to unfold the ping-pong table to store it all on. And it is overflowing with boxes of kitchen utensils, bathroom towels, new white photo boxes, and so much more. In case you couldn’t tell, I am very ready to move into the new apartment and make it my little home. I am forcing myself to not use all of my new things until I get to the new house, to make it even more new and exciting! And that’s especially hard, for things like my new dresser and tv stand from IKEA… I just want to unbox them to see how pretty they are!!

This week I started a new workout program called Kinobody. It’s like a complete 180 from my usual low carb, and so far I love it! But we’re only 3 days in, so check back later ;) It combines nutrition with strength training, which I’ve always been scared of (and quit after a few weeks) because I have incredibly week shoulders. But with all the figure skating I’ve been doing, I know it is so important for me to improve my balance and core strength. So here I am!

I’m excited to keep going with this program, and hopefully do it for a long time. I have to re-learn how to eat healthy foods (it’s not going to throw me off if I eat an apple! Who knew??), and what foods are going to fill me up and not make me hungry again in an hour. The MyFitnessPal app is my best friend. Since you know I love lists and staying organized, I try to make it a game everyday, by checking the pie charts of my macros and nutrients, to see how well I’ve done. Healthy eating is really just a whole new ballgame! SO different from low carb.

It has been so warm the last few days, and it’s wonderful! Yesterday was even in the 90’s. That’s a liiiiiiittle warm for April, but I’m not going to complain. Yet, at least. If it stays in the 90’s and mom and dad still refuse to turn on the ac, I might complain a little.

Since it’s so warm, that means random park days are here! Last week I took Joelle and Oliver to Wildwood, which is only about a mile from our new house. It’ll be so much fun to bike there! Also, I have this dream of putting Oliver in a bike basket and having him be this perfectly well-behaved dog, just chilling in the basket. I kind of doubt that’s how it’ll work though, haha! Any bike + dog pros out there with some tips??

This river is the same river that flows right behind our house. I can’t wait to bring my kayak out down here! What you don’t see is the huge waterfall to the left, which means I will be staying veryyyyy clear of the left side of the river, haha!

Today is leg day in the Kinobody program, which is basically going to kill me. Monday was chest and shoulders day, and I still feel like it was leg day. The past two days I have been SO sore! My body is just used to running, so it was crying when I pulled out the weights. Please pray that I won’t crumble into a melting pile of tears today ;)

There’s no point delaying it anymore. Leg day here we go.

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