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March 8, 2017

The One With The Box of Sunshine Wednesday Wrap Up | Vol. 69

I am a little bit in denial that it is still winter. It has hardly been bitterly cold at all this year! And it actually has felt like spring most of the time. But then we’ll occasionally get a chilly day, and I get unreasonably mad about it. Unreasonable because it is still March ;) But once you get that taste of springtime, you don’t want it to go away! Today should be in the 60’s, but this weekend we’re supposed to get 2-3 inches of snow. Virginia weather is just so bipolar!

Probably the worst part about winter is tax season. I did pretty well in 2016 with tracking my business expenses and color coding all my categories. Mom says that each year I get better at doing my taxes, but I’m hoping 2017 will be the year it’s perfect! I got all set up with a Quickbooks account yesterday, and I’m so excited to use it! I spent all day yesterday sorting my expenses from the last 3 months, and I think that now I’m good to go. I guess we’ll find out in 2018! Haha!

In other news, today marks 19 days without my best friend, and only 83 more to go until I can hug her again!!

On Monday I mailed off me equipment to be cleaned at Canon, like I do every year. There is never any problem with my equipment, and so it gets inspected, cleaned, and shipped right back. But this time there was something wrong with both my Mark III and my 50mm 1.2. And those are my two most important camera pieces! It was about $600 to fix them both, but it’ll be so worth it in the long run. This is why I send my equipment off in my off season!! I wouldn’t want something to go wrong in the middle of my crazy wedding season.

Last Wednesday I got the sweetest package in the mail from Kate…

She knew I was missing Hannah, and so she sent me a box of Florida sunshine! I love love love that adorable mug, and of course the Kraft mac & cheese was eaten pretty quickly ;) She also put a small bag of Twix in the package, but unfortunately Oliver got to my last two pieces… He looked pretty guilty about it.

There are so many exciting things happening around here, and I can’t wait to share about them!! I’m hoping that sometime next week I’ll be able to make a fun announcement ;) Have a great week everyone!

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