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April 25, 2018

The One With The Anniversary Wednesday Wrap Up | Vol. 86

I’ve gotten so bad at blogging that I really don’t even need to explain myself anymore, right?? It’s just a given at this point. So let’s just pretend that I’m better at it than I am!

It’s been almost 3 whole months since my last Wrap Up, and a whole lot has happened. The biggest thing? CHRIS MOVED TO VIRGINIA! He’s been here for almost 2 weeks, and is living here for right now, until we find a permanent place for him to move into. We’re working on it!! ;) He moved up pretty quickly so that he could start at his new job, and it’s been so weird not being able to talk to him all day. Since we were both self employed for our entire relationship, we could talk whenever we wanted. It’s definitely different now, but that’s life, and change is good!

It is just so wonderful to have him here. He doesn’t have to leave after we spend a few days together, I make his lunch every day before he leaves for work, and I get to be with him while he makes woodworking projects on my deck. I’ll be very sad when he has to move out, but very excited about a place we can call our own! You know I’ll be over there decorating even before I get to move in ;)

Yesterday we finally got the bridesmaids dresses purchased, and I am so relieved! Here’s a little hint: One of my past brides got these dresses for her bridesmaids, and I was kind of obsessed with them! Now everybody has the clothes they’re wearing, which is a load off my mind. If nothing else, we’ll all be dressed ;) I just can’t wait to see how it all comes together at the wedding! I have booked all my vendors, and bought so.much.stuff. And there’s still quite a few things left to buy! Thankfully, I have 6 more months to get it all done ;)

Our wedding invitations are getting mailed out SO SOON! Kate did all the calligraphy by hand, which was so time consuming and I’m incredibly grateful that she did that for me!! They look amazing, and I can’t wait to send them out!

Chris and I also got our engagement photos done last Wednesday by the AMAZING Tara Liebeck! I am so obsessed with them! I’ll be sharing my favorites in a blog post soon :)

The weather has gone so back and forth, it’s a little ridiculous. One day it was raining so hard and making the river rise about 8 feet, the next it was 70* with the sun shining, and the next it was cloudy and low 40’s. Virginia can’t decide if it wants winter or summer! I know I complain about the heat too much, but even I am ready for some warmth!

Starting tomorrow, wedding season will truly be in full swing. Engagement sessions, portrait sessions, weddings, second shooting – it’s all coming up fast! And all of my new editing clients, I just love each one! And I am so thankful that this new business is starting to become something. I’ve been praying about it a lot, because I know I can’t advertise too much, or put too much on my plate currently. But hopefully towards the end of this summer, I’ll be able to put a little more focus into really expanding my editing business! I’ve got to pay for this wedding somehow, right? ;)

There was a point 2 or so months ago that everything about the wedding was stressing me out. And I mean everything. But I’ve really tried to work on not letting my emotions control my mood and my actions, and it’s definitely gotten easier. I’m especially learning to give up on the things that don’t really matter. I knew from the very beginning that it is just a wedding!! But I still wanted it to be beautiful. At this point, I still want it to be beautiful, but I’m not going to sacrifice my sanity (or my family’s ;) for it. At the end of the day, Chris and I will be married, and that’s all that matters.

I am going to try to do a better job with blogging, especially with sharing all the fun things that are happening in our personal lives! I’ve always loved bringing you all along on my adventures before, but somewhere along the way, weddings became the primary focus of this blog. Now that this is my last wedding season, I am excited to be able to go back to the more personal side of things, and I hope you are too!! I have lots of fun ideas up my sleeve, but you’ll just have to stick around to see all of them ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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