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June 14, 2017

The One With All The Things Wednesday Wrap Up | Vol. 77

It’s been waaaaaay too long since my last Wednesday Wrap Up! And though I’m not sure if anything I have to say today can top the last post, it’s definitely about time you got an update!

June has been insane. I’m not exactly sure how I’ve survived this far in the year, but here I am! I wouldn’t say I’m ‘going strong’ either, because honestly I’m feeling a little bit burnt out. Thankfully, last weekend I shot my last wedding until the 24th, and then I’m off for almost an entire month! Thank you, Virginia July’s, for being way too hot of a month for people to get married. One or two July weddings? I’m a happy camper. More than that? Definitely crying from sweating and almost passing out.

Our family lake trip is so soon!! I have been waiting for this since we came back from our trip last year! :) We’ll be staying in a nicer, bigger lake house, and don’t worry, we even have some new floats to debut.

I recently got a job photographing puppies – yes, we can pause for a moment of silence for BEST JOB EVER – and it’s the greatest! Every once in a while, we visit the same kennel we bought Oliver from, and one of the last times I was there, the manager mentioned that they were looking at hiring a new photographer to take pictures for the website. So now I go every two weeks, and get to corral fluffy puppies and tiny puppies and take pictures of them. Yeah, I know… dream job.


On one of our dates a few weeks ago, Chris and I took the four wheeler out to a creek, and ended up getting stuck in the middle of the rushing freezing cold water. We walked home in the pouring rain, and while it was definitely different from our intended date, it was an adventure that ended up being even better :)


On another one of Chris’s trips to see me (he’s the best), he took Joelle and I bowling, and conveniently forgot to mention that he used to play in college. Of course, he whooped up on us (for the most part), and we learned to not trust Chris when he casually says “hey, let’s go bowling!” ;)


Last week at this time, I was in Florida! Kate & Ron have moved to Richmond – only two hours away!! I flew down on Tuesday, and Wednesday I helped Kate pack up her and Ron’s house and load it in her SUV. Then on Thursday, we drove the 15 hours back to Virginia! It’s amazing having her in the same state again, we’ve missed her so much!! I’m sad that I won’t be taking nearly as many Florida trips, but hey… my best friend lives in Washington now, so at least I’ll always have somewhere I can travel to :)


It’s been hot lately, and we don’t even have a pool this year. We were going to set it up, but discovered a big hole in the side. Shockingly enough, that wimpy plastic Walmart pool lasted us 3 whole years! Joelle and I are trying to convince mom and dad that it’s totally worth buying a new pool and setting it up, even if we’re only here another month ;)

The official latest move-in date is August 1st! There’s a small chance we might get in before that, but I’m trying to not count my chickens before they’re hatched. I am so excited to moved!! I feel like I’ve been stuck in a weird limbo for months now, and all I want to do is pack up all my stuff and get into that new apartment!

This was a shorter catch up, but there’s still lots to do today. Time to get to it! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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