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April 16, 2015

The best bag ever


If I may be so bold… this is the camera bag to end all camera bags. Some girls buy a lot of shoes, or purses. I buy a lot of camera bags. Haha! ‘A lot’ meaning 3. But still, camera bags can be pretty expensive, so I’ll count 3 as a lot ;)

This camera bag though, just may be the end of my camera-bag-buying-spree. I’ve been on the hunt for the PERFECT bag, and this is it!! I bought my Epiphanie bag two years ago, and it was great for holding all my stuff, but it is not great for weddings! It’s so wide, so when I’m walking it bumps into a lot of stuff. So I knew I needed something smaller, but still able to hold all my gear. It was also 100% necessary that it have a pocket for my MacBook so that I can keep it with me at weddings to download my second shooters cards, and also so that when I’m flying I can have my laptop under my seat! It definitely wouldn’t have fit in my Epiphanie, which was such a pain when I wanted to edit on the plane.

I decided that I wanted leather, because honestly I just love the way it looks! Haha!! I am so excited to show you guys this bag, because it’s perfect! Aaaaaaand the best part… it’s only $145!! Here it is

New Camera Bag-1 New Camera Bag-2 New Camera Bag-3 New Camera Bag-4 New Camera Bag-5 New Camera Bag-6 New Camera Bag-7 New Camera Bag-8 New Camera Bag-9 New Camera Bag-10

The strap came super long, so I had to cut another hole in it. But a small price to pay for the otherwise perfect bag ;) 

1 Comment on The best bag ever

  1. Elizabeth

    April 17th, 2015 at 9:58 am

    What a dream camera bag! So beautiful + practical. :) Thanks for sharing!

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