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September 4, 2017

Sunflowers in September

Is it cheating to call the post ‘Sunflowers in September’ if we actually went to the sunflower field in August? Oh well, I am all about alliteration (see what I did there?), so that won’t stop me from calling the post whatever I want.

Joelle and Chris have some sort of fun together… We’ve all spent quite a few hours together, and they both like to gang up on me now. I know I’m a pretty easy target when it comes to teasing, and Joelle just loves that I’m dating someone that likes to picks on me ;)

Taking pictures with the two of them can get interesting. Chris likes to tickle me, pretend like he’s going to drop me, pick me up and carry me away… the list really goes on. Joelle eats it up, and is laughing until tears come out of her eyes, all the while snapping away and capturing some INCREDIBLY unflattering moments of me, hahaha.

I knew I wanted pictures of Chris & I in the sunflower field, like the photos I took of Joelle last year. We were there at the perfect time too! It had been cloudy almost all day, but as soon as we started to take pictures, the sun came out… just for us, I’m sure ;) I absolutely love the photos Joelle got of us – I feel that they perfectly capture us and genuine happiness. I am so incredibly thankful for both my photographer and my fellow model, and I will treasure these pictures always <3

This is when Joelle said “THROW HER INTO THE SUNFLOWERS!!” and Chris was more than happy to oblige, hahaha


The first photo really does describe our relationship. I’m dying laughing over something that’s probably not even funny, and Chris is just like “…what on earth are you doing, you’re crazy” ;)


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