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May 2, 2015

Staying Motivated For Everyone

Motivation is key to a successful business!! But sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, especially if you don’t see any progress, or fruits of your hard work!! But I promise you, if you keep it up, your hard work WILL pay off!! So here are some tips to keeping yourself motivated, so you can reach those goals :)

1. Make a list! You all know how big a fan I am of lists ;) For me, if I have a list of things to do, there is hardly anything that will stop me from trying to accomplish it!! I know that if I don’t finish that task, I won’t be able to cross it off my list! And there’s nothing worse than that ;) A list is a great way to keep everything organized, and for you to know immediately what you want to accomplish!

2. Treat yo self Once you’ve accomplished a goal, reward yourself for all your hard work!! Whether it’s as small as some Starbucks, or a vacation, a reward will keep you feeling motivated and wanting to do more!!

3. Build a community of encouragers! That’s right, giving others encouragement not only helps them in reaching their goals, it helps you! Get involved in other peoples lives, and find out what their goals are too! We all have something that we’re striving for, so why not come together and help each other? Encouragement can go a loooooong way! Be sure to share your goals with friends, family, whoever! This will help keep you accountable, and what fun is there in keeping all your goals to yourself?? :)

4. Don’t be afraid to fail. Life is full of twists and turns, and sometimes you’re just not able to check that goal off your list. And that’s okay!! Goals can and do change, all the time! When something falls through, it’s so important to pick yourself back up and stay positive! Like Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” :)

5. Don’t get discouraged, and compare yourself to others. There will always be people who accomplish their goals faster than you do. The key to success is to celebrate their victories, to celebrate your own, and to not compare your success to theirs. Use other’s success to motivate you, not tear you down!! Don’t be too hard on yourself, because your success is yours, and nobody else’s!!

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