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August 22, 2018

State Fair 2018

This summer has been the first one in several years that I haven’t been going going going constantly. I’ve even had some Saturday’s off… it’s amazing! I am thrilled that I’m able to spend more time with Chris and my family, enjoying summer.

Two weekends ago, Chris, Joelle, and I drove to West Virginia to go to the State Fair. We didn’t have any plans of going this year, but his mom asked if we wanted to drive one of their classic cars to the car show there. So we packed up and headed out! We had a great time, and thankfully it wasn’t miserably hot! It absolutely poured rain in the afternoon (right at the end of a bear show we were watching), but the rest of the day had beautiful weather.

We got to the fair as soon as it opened in the morning to get set up, and the rides section was completely empty! It was the perfect time for photos ;)


We waited forever for sausage gravy biscuits for breakfast, but honestly, it was delicious and so worth it.


We spent a lot of time wandering all the barns and seeing the animals!


That donut was SO GOOD!


We love playing the Fat Albert game, and we played 27 rounds because we wanted to win this llama (okay, let’s be real, Joelle and I wanted the llama. Chris was just funding the goal hahaha). Finally, on our very last quarter, we won! 


These were the cars we took! We drove the blue one, which is always a huge hit at car shows.


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