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August 13, 2016

Should You Switch To A Business Profile On Instagram? For Creatives

A few weeks ago, Instagram started introducing Business Profiles to some of their users. It has now rolled out to 100% of its users (if you have a Facebook business page!), and everybody is all up in arms about whether or not they should switch! I definitely don’t know everything about Business Profiles, nor do I know what the right choice for you is, but hopefully I can answer some of your questions today!

I have made the switch to a Business Profile, but don’t just take that to mean you should! In fact, even I’m not positive it’s the best route to take. We are all learning together here ;)

So first, what exactly is a Business Profile? In the shortest and easiest of terms, it gives you the ability to ‘promote’ your posts (similar to Facebook ads – you can even target your audience based on location, interests, age, etc.), view analytics, and the biggest change other users will notice is a ‘Contact’ button on your profile.

This is available to all users who 1) have a public profile, and 2) have a Facebook business page. It is very simple to switch from a Personal Profile to a Business Profile! From your profile, tap the gear icon in the top right corner. Under Account, there will be an option to ‘Switch to Business Profile’. So should you make the change?

Before I can really dive into that that, we’ve got some pros and cons to go through.

What’s great about the new Business Profiles is that I am able to see deeper insights into my posts. However, before the Business Profiles became available, I was using the Prime app to view my analytics, and it worked great! So I don’t see the Instagram insights as something completely revolutionary, because I can get basically the same thing from a third party app.

Another bonus is that I have definitely seen an uptick in likes and comments (and even followers!) since I switched. But I know that not everyone has! It has been a few months since Instagram introduced their new algorithm (which sent everyone into a FRENZY), and while yeah, the new algorithm really sucks, we can’t change it so the only thing you can do is roll with the punches! So with the new algorithm, many people saw a huge drop in likes. Instagram just wasn’t showing the posts anymore! Super frustrating, but again, it’s not life or death ;)

I think that Instagram is trying to redeem themselves a tiny bit with the Business Profiles, because I have heard many people say that they have also noticed more interaction on their profiles since they switched. HOWEVER, here’s where it could get messy:

If you have a Facebook business page (which you probably do, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far ;), then you know that Facebook royally sucks at engagement. I am not even joking when I say that most times I make a post, it will reach about 50 people. 50!! That’s insane! Facebook wants you to pay for people to see your posts, which is really sneaky.

Facebook now owns Instagram, which means there is a big possibility that in a few months (or even a few weeks – who knows?), it will be the same old story where in order to get any engagement whatsoever on your posts, you’ll need to shell out the big bucks. So right now, maybe it is more of a benefit to have a Business Profile, but maybe soon it will be a big disadvantage.

Another thing to consider, is the fact that currently you are able to switch back to a Personal Profile at any time (if you switch back, you lose your insights and have to start all over again if you go back to a Business Profile). But it wouldn’t surprise me (just because of the way Facebook and Instagram have been a little sneaky lately…) if soon you’re not given the option to go back to a Personal Profile. Or it wouldn’t surprise me if they changed it so that if your Instagram is connected to your Facebook page in any way, you have to have a Business Profile.

Honestly, who even knows?? There are so many things that could happen with this new change. It could all be wonderful and rainbows and sunshine, or it could all go down the tubes. 

So. Clearly I have not answered the question. Should you switch or not? I think that really, the answer is different for each person, but if I had to give one answer to everybody, I’d say that I think you should give it a try. Currently I have the Business Profile, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll keep it forever. I really like the benefits I have seen so far, but there are those other things to consider. I certainly don’t live in fear of “what will happen if my Instagram dies?!”, but I also think we need to be smart about our decisions and try as hard as we can to not sink our businesses ;)

I really want to know! Do you have a Business Profile, or are you sticking with your Personal Profile?

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