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June 15, 2018

Sacra Family Lake Trip 2018

The last two years, I’ve had a clever title for our lake trips (2016 and 2017), which highlights our giant inflatable swan named Reginald. Unfortunately, Reginald passed away at the end of our lake trip last year (#RIPReginald), and now we have his cousin, who we’ve named Captain Hook. My family was absolutely no help when it came time to come up with a new hashtag (#ReginaldTheSwanForPresident… long winded, but it makes a statement) or a blog post title, and my creativity is completely tied up in trying to plan a wedding ;) So that’s the very long story of why you get a very general post title this year! I’m taking any and all suggestions for our 2019 lake trip ;)

Every year just keeps getting better and better! Last year I brought a boy on vacation, this year I brought a fiance! Next year I’ll bring a husband!! It’s so crazy and I am incredibly thankful! I love my family more than anything, and the time we get to spend all together at the lake is my favorite time of the year.

We arrived on Friday, and left Monday morning. Honestly, that’s the perfect amount of vacation for me! I really like my schedules and lists and plans, so 4 days is pretty much my max. Then I’m ready to come home and get back to work! But this trip came at the perfect time, and it was very needed.

Friday was also Jenny’s birthday, so after we had spent some time by the lake after arriving, we had a delicious dinner of turkey and avocado BLT’s (mine was minus the avocado… yuck), and played lots of games. We had a hilarious cookie fail moment (featuring dad) that made us laugh for days, and you can see it in our lake video at 0:44!

We headed out on the boat on Saturday, and SHOCKINGLY enough, I didn’t get burnt! I barely got a tan, even though I was in the sun for hours. I did get a sunburn when I came home and mowed the grass at the new house though… Weird.

Sunday was pretty rainy, so we spent most of it playing more games, and then at the lake when it stopped pouring. It was SO nice to just be able to relax and not have to go anywhere!!

One of my favorite things about our lake trip, is that it’s really the one time a year I make a video. We all look forward to the video more than the photos!! It’s just so much fun, and I get to branch out in a different creative way, and I love seeing it all come together! You can watch it HERE, and make sure to view it in HD! I also bought Chris a Garmin VIRB for his birthday last year, and it was SO much fun getting to use it in the water!! It adds an entirely new perspective. Enjoy!!


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