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June 23, 2017

Reginald The Swan For President: The Second Term

I have been looking forward to our family lake trip, really ever since we left the lake last year! When you have such an amazing time with your family, you wonder “how can we ever top that??”. This year’s vacation was definitely different, but it was still absolutely amazing! Kate’s best friend came on Saturday with her husband and two adorable kids, and I actually brought a boy on family vacation! ;)

We also decided to take Oliver along this year, since he’s such a big part of the family too! It ended up being the best decision ever, because 1) he’s so adorable and brings joy to everyone, and 2) he LOVED THE LAKE. We were a little worried he’d hate it, but it was the complete opposite. He was meant to live by the water.

This year we had two giant swans… Reginald and Captain Hook. Unfortunately, Reginald the Swan had a few holes in him (most likely from the flying leaps we took off the dock onto his back), and Captain Hook had to take over the majority of the floating duties. What a champ. We also got a massive 6-seater float from Costco. This thing is a BEAST, but it was seriously the best purchase ever!

Sunday morning we rented a boat, and spent the whole day exploring coves and getting sunburnt (or was that mostly me? Yeah, probably just me). Oliver was obsessed with being on the boat – he literally couldn’t get enough! He’s just a nautical pup. 

Like last year, I made a video of our family trip. Even though I’m not a videographer by any means, it’s so much fun to have the videos to look back on and remember our trip! Here’s the link, and I’ll embed the video at the end of this post :)

He was SO excited to be coming along with us!


We tried blowing up the massive float Friday evening, but our little air compressor couldn’t even finish the job. Thankfully, Chris saved the day by bringing a hand-held pump, which surprisingly worked SO much better!


Such a good night.


Kate’s face shows just how intense this game of Jenga was ;)


We clearly have an obsession with Southern Shirt ;)


Captain Hook took one for the team and carried all four of us around the lake!


Failing miserably to put the huge float back in the box… haha!


It’s been such an incredible year so far, but this was a much needed vacation. I have so much to be thankful for! Can’t wait for next year :)


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