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June 27, 2016

Reginald The Swan For President Sacra Family Lake Trip 2016

I am so excited to be sharing this blog post! We had the most amazing and relaxing vacation we’ve ever had, and I’m so sad it had to end. But we made so many memories, laughed until our stomachs hurt, swam in the lake for hours, and just enjoyed being with each other. I have the best family in the entire world, and we are all so blessed to love each other so much. I love every single one of my family members more than I can say. They are my best friends, and are always making me laugh. I cannot say enough about them, they are just absolutely the best. Being all together makes for the happiest of times!

Anybody that knows me knows that I am a die-hard lake girl. It is my ultimate goal to live with my husband, kids, and dog(s) at the lake. I love the lake with all of my heart. So clearly this vacation was right up my alley :) 

First of all, if you’re not interested in reading my rambles about our adventures at the lake, I made a video just for you. Actually, I made it for my family, but you get to benefit from it too ;) I’ll post the video at the bottom too, but here is the link!

Kate & Ron drove up from Florida and arrived Saturday just before lunch. It was so fun having them here an extra day! Early Sunday morning, we packed all our stuff into the cars, and we were lake bound!! Jenny & Thomas were leading worship at church that morning, so they drove down on the motorcycle after church. We got to the lake house around 10:30am, and right away I went down to the lake! 

Sacra Family Lake Trip-113

It was absolutely beautiful. I had to head back up to the house to help unpack everything, but as soon as we were done (and had blown up Reginald The Swan) we headed down to the lake!

We all jumped in right away, and it was so much fun! The weather was absolutely perfect. The water was so warm, and Reginald floated along happily. We had to use kayak paddles while we were sitting on him, so we wouldn’t float away… haha! We are all pretty fair skinned (except for Joelle… so jealous!), so the initial sunburn really set in that afternoon.

After the lake, we went back to the lake house and played Phase 10. Jenny & Thomas finally arrived, and later that evening we went with them again down to the lake. Jenny had yet to meet Reginald, and she loved him (how could you not?).

The next morning we ate pancakes out on the deck overlooking the lake, and then we got on the boat! We stayed on the boat until almost 5pm, and it was the best day ever. We had so much fun!! Slicing through the water, dropping the anchor in coves, doing cannonballs into the lake, and stopping on the boardwalk for the best ice cream. After being on the boat all day, we were exhausted and decided to just hang out in the house. We especially didn’t wait to burn further by going to the lake again :) Kate, Ron, and I watched the Bachelorette, because of course we had to follow up on the Chad drama ;)

I had been waking up around 6-6:30 every morning, to go watch the sunrise and do my devotions on the dock. Tuesday morning, Jenny beat me to it and was there before me! We finished our devotions, and decided to go for a kayak ride. We had so much fun, and we laughed the whole time. Jenny and I are so similar in many different ways, and she never fails to make me laugh!

We decided that we should stay out of the mid-day sun as much as we could on Tuesday, so we decided to have a ping pong tournament! And the Annual Sacra Golden Ping Pong Tournament was born. We were legit with a bracket and everything (and a losers bracket ;). Everybody knows that dad is the ping pong champion. I am not even kidding. We have been playing dad since we were little kids, and he is so good. He knows how to put that little spin on the ball, and he can use all his strength and WHACK it down on the table and all we can do is scream and duck because there’s NO WAY we’re returning those. He also likes to play mind games on us and yell and pretend like he’s going to hit it really hard, but then only softly tap it while we’re cowering in a corner ;)

All that to say, DAD IS AMAZING AT PING PONG. We’re all above average ping pong players, which makes the tournaments so much fun :) I ended up beating everybody in my bracket, which meant I had to face my ultimate competitor… Dad. And let me tell you, I was so close. We were playing to 21, and I was up 20-15. But dad turned it around and won 24-22! But at least I gave him a run for his money :) I will beat you next year, dad!

That evening we decided to head down to the lake again (we just can’t stay away ;). It really looked like a storm was rolling in, which was so fun to watch! After the lake, we took a walk down the road to another dock to watch the sunset.

Kate & Ron had to leave at 6am Wednesday morning, to begin the long drive home to Florida. Since we were already up, we started packing up too, and ended up leaving around 9am. Before we left Smith Mountain Lake, we drove to a little gift shop where I could buy a blanket that had been at the lake house. I basically fell in love with it, haha! There was also a Simply Southern display, so of course I had to buy some stuff ;) We also got some fudge from the gift shop, which was absolutely delicious!

Then we sadly left the lake, and began the trip home. Literally as soon as we got home, Joelle and I got in my car and drove to pick up Oliver! He loves staying with Joy, but he was so excited to see us :)

It’s so good to be home, but man, do I love the lake. So thankful for our amazing vacation! It was just what we all needed.

(warning: mix of Mark III and iPhone 6S shots ahead!)

Sacra Family Lake Trip-1

We stopped to get Starbucks just before hitting the road. I decided to not worry about eating low carb on this vacation, and let me tell you… BEST DECISION EVER. We ate real well ;)


Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Sacra Family Lake Trip-2Sacra Family Lake Trip-3

This is the view from our porch! Amazing, right??


Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Sacra Family Lake Trip-4Sacra Family Lake Trip-5Sacra Family Lake Trip-7

It took forever to blow Reginald up, but it was so worth it :)


Sacra Family Lake Trip-8Sacra Family Lake Trip-9Sacra Family Lake Trip-10

Since it was Father’s Day, we let dad nap ;)


Sacra Family Lake Trip-11Sacra Family Lake Trip-12

My Southern Shirt hat is now Joelle’s favorite thing :) But unfortunately it’s my favorite thing too, so she had to give it back ;)


Sacra Family Lake Trip-14Sacra Family Lake Trip-15Sacra Family Lake Trip-16

Allllllllll the pool floats… Haha!


Sacra Family Lake Trip-17Sacra Family Lake Trip-18Sacra Family Lake Trip-18aSacra Family Lake Trip-19Sacra Family Lake Trip-20

We had 3 adults on Reggie at once. What a champ.


Sacra Family Lake Trip-21

Kate trying to stab her husband, apparently.


Sacra Family Lake Trip-22

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Living my best life.


Sacra Family Lake Trip-23Sacra Family Lake Trip-24

Joelle was actually a shockingly amazing kayaker!! She had never done it before, but she sat down and immediately took off!


Sacra Family Lake Trip-25Sacra Family Lake Trip-26

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Sacra Family Lake Trip-27Sacra Family Lake Trip-28

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Sacra Family Lake Trip-30Sacra Family Lake Trip-31Sacra Family Lake Trip-32Sacra Family Lake Trip-34Sacra Family Lake Trip-35Sacra Family Lake Trip-36Sacra Family Lake Trip-37Sacra Family Lake Trip-39Sacra Family Lake Trip-40Sacra Family Lake Trip-41Sacra Family Lake Trip-42Sacra Family Lake Trip-43Sacra Family Lake Trip-44Sacra Family Lake Trip-45Sacra Family Lake Trip-47Sacra Family Lake Trip-48Sacra Family Lake Trip-49Sacra Family Lake Trip-50Sacra Family Lake Trip-51Sacra Family Lake Trip-52Sacra Family Lake Trip-53Sacra Family Lake Trip-54Sacra Family Lake Trip-55Sacra Family Lake Trip-56Sacra Family Lake Trip-57Sacra Family Lake Trip-58

Desperately trying to find an internet connection so I could send myself some pictures to Instagram… Hahaha


Sacra Family Lake Trip-59Sacra Family Lake Trip-60Sacra Family Lake Trip-61Sacra Family Lake Trip-63Sacra Family Lake Trip-64Sacra Family Lake Trip-65Sacra Family Lake Trip-68Sacra Family Lake Trip-69Sacra Family Lake Trip-70Sacra Family Lake Trip-71Sacra Family Lake Trip-73Sacra Family Lake Trip-74Sacra Family Lake Trip-75Sacra Family Lake Trip-76Sacra Family Lake Trip-77Sacra Family Lake Trip-78Sacra Family Lake Trip-79

I love this picture mom took of dad!


Sacra Family Lake Trip-80Sacra Family Lake Trip-81Sacra Family Lake Trip-82Sacra Family Lake Trip-83Sacra Family Lake Trip-85Sacra Family Lake Trip-86Sacra Family Lake Trip-87Sacra Family Lake Trip-88Sacra Family Lake Trip-89Sacra Family Lake Trip-90Sacra Family Lake Trip-91Sacra Family Lake Trip-92Sacra Family Lake Trip-93Sacra Family Lake Trip-95

Jenny brought back her syrup pouring skills :)


Sacra Family Lake Trip-97Sacra Family Lake Trip-99Sacra Family Lake Trip-100Sacra Family Lake Trip-101Sacra Family Lake Trip-102Sacra Family Lake Trip-103Sacra Family Lake Trip-104Sacra Family Lake Trip-105Sacra Family Lake Trip-106Sacra Family Lake Trip-107Sacra Family Lake Trip-108

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Headed out on the boat!


Sacra Family Lake Trip-109

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Sacra Family Lake Trip-111Sacra Family Lake Trip-112

This cracks me up! :)


Sacra Family Lake Trip-113Sacra Family Lake Trip-114Sacra Family Lake Trip-115Sacra Family Lake Trip-116Sacra Family Lake Trip-117Sacra Family Lake Trip-118Sacra Family Lake Trip-119Sacra Family Lake Trip-120Sacra Family Lake Trip-121Sacra Family Lake Trip-124

Jenny and I floating away, never to be seen again.


Sacra Family Lake Trip-125Sacra Family Lake Trip-126Sacra Family Lake Trip-127Sacra Family Lake Trip-128Sacra Family Lake Trip-129Sacra Family Lake Trip-130Sacra Family Lake Trip-131Sacra Family Lake Trip-132Sacra Family Lake Trip-133Sacra Family Lake Trip-134Sacra Family Lake Trip-136Sacra Family Lake Trip-137Sacra Family Lake Trip-138

So. Much. Sunscreen.


Sacra Family Lake Trip-139Sacra Family Lake Trip-140Sacra Family Lake Trip-141

Ron let Joelle drive the boat for a while, and she did such a great job!!


Sacra Family Lake Trip-142

Clearly she enjoyed it ;)


Sacra Family Lake Trip-143Sacra Family Lake Trip-144

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

We took this photo while Joelle was driving the boat… Just before we took it, she said “hang on, let me avoid this swimmer, then we’ll take it”… hahaha


Sacra Family Lake Trip-145Sacra Family Lake Trip-147Sacra Family Lake Trip-148Sacra Family Lake Trip-149

I used to come to this lake with some friends, and we would always stop at this little boardwalk! I couldn’t remember what it was called, but after some Googling I found it! I was so happy that we did, because I hadn’t been back here in years, and it was just how I remembered it. It’s called Bridgewater Plaza, for my future reference in case I forget again ;)


Sacra Family Lake Trip-150

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

After the ice cream, we decided to head back to our cove. It took about 20 minutes, but once we got there we dropped the anchor about 100 yards from our dock and swam in the open lake!


Sacra Family Lake Trip-152Sacra Family Lake Trip-153Sacra Family Lake Trip-156Sacra Family Lake Trip-157Sacra Family Lake Trip-158

The dock right above Kate’s head was ours!


Sacra Family Lake Trip-159

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Kayaking early Tuesday morning! The water was so choppy, but it was so fun :)


Sacra Family Lake Trip-159b

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Sacra Family Lake Trip-160Sacra Family Lake Trip-161Sacra Family Lake Trip-164Sacra Family Lake Trip-165Sacra Family Lake Trip-166

The Ping Pong Tournament :)


Sacra Family Lake Trip-167Sacra Family Lake Trip-168Sacra Family Lake Trip-169

I convinced the family to take a quick family picture by the lake :)


Sacra Family Lake Trip-170Sacra Family Lake Trip-171Sacra Family Lake Trip-172Sacra Family Lake Trip-173Sacra Family Lake Trip-174Sacra Family Lake Trip-175Sacra Family Lake Trip-176Sacra Family Lake Trip-177Sacra Family Lake Trip-178Sacra Family Lake Trip-179

That donut float is amazing.


Sacra Family Lake Trip-180Sacra Family Lake Trip-181Sacra Family Lake Trip-182Sacra Family Lake Trip-183Sacra Family Lake Trip-184Sacra Family Lake Trip-185Sacra Family Lake Trip-186Sacra Family Lake Trip-187

The wind took Kate to another dock, so Jenny & Thomas had to go rescue her, haha!


Sacra Family Lake Trip-188Sacra Family Lake Trip-189Sacra Family Lake Trip-190Sacra Family Lake Trip-191Sacra Family Lake Trip-192Sacra Family Lake Trip-193Sacra Family Lake Trip-196Sacra Family Lake Trip-197Sacra Family Lake Trip-198Sacra Family Lake Trip-200Sacra Family Lake Trip-201Sacra Family Lake Trip-202Sacra Family Lake Trip-204Sacra Family Lake Trip-205Sacra Family Lake Trip-206Sacra Family Lake Trip-207Sacra Family Lake Trip-208

Evening walk in beautiful golden hour!


Sacra Family Lake Trip-209Sacra Family Lake Trip-210Sacra Family Lake Trip-211Sacra Family Lake Trip-212Sacra Family Lake Trip-213Sacra Family Lake Trip-214Sacra Family Lake Trip-216Sacra Family Lake Trip-217Sacra Family Lake Trip-219Sacra Family Lake Trip-220

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Back at the gift shop, on a mission to find that blanket!


Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

SCOOOOOORE!! This thing is seriously the best.


Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

Sacra Family Lake Trip-220d

Thanks Snapchat, for keeping me entertained on the car ride home.


Sacra Family Lake Trip-220e

 BUNNY!! We were seriously so happy to see him.

And our vacation video!! I am definitely not a videographer, but I’m so glad we have memories captured like this.

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