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August 11, 2017

NSRA in Louisville, Kentucky

I’m not even going to pretend like I know what I’m talking about in this post, because I know next to nothing about cars and car shows. I know a little more now than I did going into the National Street Rod Association car show, but I still have so much to learn! I really did have an amazing time with Chris and his parents, spending 5 days traveling and looking at the prettiest cars I’ve ever seen! 

There were over 11,000 cars to look at, and we definitely didn’t get to see all of them! But I loved walking around with Chris, learning more about the work he does and his interests! Hey, if car shows are his thing, they’re my thing now too ;) There was a LOT of walking, and it cracked me up that every day I consistently had 2000-3000 more steps than he did, even though we stayed side by side all day, because he takes longer strides than I do, hahaha!

I took so many pictures, and while they’re definitely different from my normal wedding clients, it was a very fun challenge. Especially finding every teal colored car I could and taking a picture of it ;)

I was worried that it was going to be sizzling hot, since, you know, it IS August. But somehow the weather was absolutely beautiful! It did get pretty hot at times when the sun came out, but there were a few times I was even cold. Ridiculous, right? But I am definitely not complaining!! Chris is the best, and he made sure I had plenty of ice and water, so we didn’t recreate the Disney-World-Fainting-Episode ;)

Chris and I left early to register their cars for the show (and get cool yellow entrance buttons), but on the way he took me to Grandview to show me this gorgeous scenery!

On the drive to Kentucky, we hit the craziest rain storm! I’ve never seen so many cars stopped along the interstate.


Wednesday evening after registering the cars and checking into the hotel, we went to the Apple Store and I got the Apple Watch I’ve been wanting! I love it!! 


I didn’t take my camera to the show on Thursday, but I did on Friday and Saturday!

How cute is this??


I got to ride on this track twice! It was insane. The first time I rode in a Mustang, and the second time in a Camaro. The Camaro was throwing me ALL over the place from the crazy twists and turns and speed. I loved every second of it!!


Check out this video from last year to get a little taste of it!


This Impala was one of my favorites… SO pretty!!

Friday evening, Chris took me on a date at this adorable classic Denny’s diner! We were planning to get dessert, but there was NO way I was even a tiny bit hungry. He had to eat a good portion of my food too, haha! Those pancakes were HUGE!


Headed back to the show on Saturday morning!


This car is definitely in my Top 5 favorite cars I saw! For obvious reasons ;)


All this teal makes me so happy!!


The lights inside are so much fun!!



I realized on Sunday morning, just before leaving the KOA, that of all the cars I took photos of that weekend, I hadn’t taken any of the car they brought to the show! I definitely had to fix that ;)

Chris’s mom treated us to these Cinnabons on the drive home, and they were literally the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten. They are pretty much all I can think about now, hahaha. I NEED MORE.

It was a wonderful trip, and I’m so thankful that I got to go along! I’m already excited for my next car show :)

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  1. Melissa Dillon

    July 11th, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    Awesome pictures. I love the Louisville Nationals. We have been going there since 2005. My 9 year old daughter loves the show too.

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