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July 21, 2017

My New Little Home Apartment Reveal!

It feels like this has been such a long process. Not even just moving into this house… the fact is that my parents have been searching for the perfect home for 4 years so that my grandparents could move in with us. It’s been a very long time coming, but oh how sweet it is to finally be in and (mostly) settled!

My apartment section of the house is completely finished! We were able to get into my apartment a full week and a half before my parents could start painting/decorating their part, so I got my dad’s full painting attention ;) I am absolutely obsessed with how it turned out! It’s exactly what I saw in my head. I spent months planning and decorating and making Target runs, and to finally be living here is crazy!

My first night in the apartment was INSANE. Check out my Instagram post to see what happened!

I’m so excited to share photos of my new place (before & afters are at the end!). This is definitely not my dream home, but for what it is, I am so proud of how it looks! This is such an exciting season in my life, and I’m trying to savor and enjoy every moment. I’ll be sharing photos of the rest of the house once mom and dad have had a chance to get settled in! It’s beautiful!

*disclaimer: this place is adorably decorated, but it has pretty terrible natural light… you’ve been warned ;)

There is a stairwell that connects the apartment to the main house, but this is my front door and side porch! The garage is off to the left. I’m sharing it with dad, while mom gets the garage on the main level.


Stepping inside the front door…


It took about 6 coats of paint to cover that globe, haha! This shelf is actually the Hyllis shelf from IKEA that mom spray painted gold for me (I royally SUCK at spray painting), and we put marble contact paper on the shelves!


I got this dining room set for $50… So many of my apartment finds came from the Facebook Marketplace! That place is a goldmine.


It’s not the prettiest kitchen in the world, but it’s mine and I love having it stocked with all my things!


My beautiful white leather sofa was another Facebook find!


Is anybody actually surprised that the inside doors are painted teal? ;)


I’ve been obsessed with these spiky gold things for years, and finally got them!


I’m in love with my bathroom… One time when I was visiting Megan, I noticed her AMAZING bathroom color, and she was so sweet to let me steal it ;) It’s called Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams! It is the PERFECT bathroom paint color!! And of course, all the white and gold accents make me so happy.


Yes, I am aware of my towel obsession.


Does my room look familiar? Hahaha. Clearly I’m not a fan of change when it comes to bedroom decorating. Honestly the biggest differences are the new dresser and the lack of beautiful natural light! But my windows overlook the river, so I’m happy ;)


My porch isn’t finished yet, but I’m still not exactly sure what all is going to go out here! I’ll keep you updated ;)


This house is surrounded by gorgeous landscaping and flowers!



And some before & afters! These aren’t truly before photos, since I took them after we had been working a little bit. The walls were a beige color, so dad repainted them all to be pure white for me :)

I’m so happy with my new place! I love baking cookies in my kitchen, having a Friends episode playing in the background while I cook dinner, cleaning my own little home, and so much more. Living alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but living in the basement apartment while my parents are still right upstairs? I’ll definitely take that ;) Especially when I burn the alfredo sauce and I need mom to tell me how to clean it. No, of course that didn’t happen… ;)

2 Comments on My New Little Home

  1. Sierra

    July 21st, 2017 at 7:30 am

    It looks so cute!!!

  2. Emily

    July 21st, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Thanks, Sierra!! <3

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