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May 20, 2016

Mastering the Details For Brides

When I first arrive on a wedding day, I will go find the girls and say hello / introduce myself. The very next thing that I’ll do is take your details and begin photographing them! The reason I do this, is because it allows me to slowly ease into the craziness of a wedding day, and ‘warm up’ so to speak before I get to photograph you!

But sometimes this doesn’t run as smoothly as it could. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I thought I’d make a more detailed post for my future brides (or anyone else’s!) about getting yourself more organized. I am the queen of organization, so I’ve got lots of tips ;)

The key to getting great detail photographs is to (wait for itttttttt…) have details. You may be thinking that I’ve gone a little crazy… “Emily, of course I’ll have details!” But I’m not just talking about the main things like the dress and the shoes. The truly stunning detail photos are the ones that include more ‘things’. Now don’t get me wrong, I hate clutter, and I can’t stand to have little knick-knacky things laying around my house! What I mean is that there are only so many detail photos that I can get with just the dress, rings, and shoes.

You will still get beautiful photos of those things, but when you also give me things like a necklace, earrings, garter, veil, invitations, or extra flowers from your bouquet, I am able to get a much bigger variety! It also helps to tie in all those photos for your wedding album, because your photos will have a common element. It’s even more perfect if you give me things from your wedding day, like a scrap of burlap from the table runners, or a lime if you’re having a ‘fresh’ themed wedding, or a program from your ceremony!

But the second part of this post will actually help you so much the morning of the wedding, so keep reading!

So what is the one tip that I always tell brides about details? PACK IT UP THE NIGHT BEFORE. 

What bride wants to be running around on the morning of her wedding, trying to find all the details for the photographer?! The night before the wedding, get a big box or box, and put every detail you want photographed into it! This will seriously save you so much time later. That way when I arrive, I can just grab the bag and your dress, and we’re all good to go!

Of course, who wants to part with their engagement ring the night before the wedding? No one, so as long as you have the groom’s wedding band and your wedding band in your details bag, I will just get the engagement ring from you when I’m ready to start!

So to round it all up, give me AS MANY details as you can, and pack it all up the night before. I promise you, this will make your life so much easier :)

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