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May 5, 2015

Making a Car Payment For Everyone

Buying a car used to sound absolutely terrifying to me, because I was so scared of the monthly payments!! I am by no means an expert, but I’ve learned a few things in the last year, and I thought I’d share them with you today! This post is mainly about saving for a car payment, but it can really be about any big purchase!! 

1. Start saving right now! Even if you know you won’t have a car payment for several more months, go ahead and start putting some money away each month!! This can either be used for a down payment later, or as part of a ‘security stash’ :)

2. Each month, pay DOUBLE! This does not mean make a double payment… If for example your car payment is $200 each month, don’t pay $400 on it. Instead, pay the $200 towards your car, and take another $200 and set it aside in a completely separate account that you DON’T EVER TOUCH. The goal is the be able to pay your car off in literally HALF the time!! Another great thing in doing this is that if something were to come up {such as needing expensive repairs}, you have that account that you can dip into if you absolutely have to. The danger of making a double payment is that one month you may be tight on cash and not able to make a payment!! I’ve had my car for 3 months now, and each month I do this! So that means that essentially I have 3 extra months worth of a car payment sitting in another account. And this is obviously not feasible for every person, or every payment! But if you can swing it, it’s a really great decision!!

3. Make your loan for as long as possible. I made my loan for 72 months, but my plan is to pay it off in half that time with my separate account. So when I was getting my loan, I knew I wanted it for as long as possible!! That means that my payments are much lower, which means that I can afford to put aside that double payment :) The problem with longer loans is the interest will get you, but that’s not a problem if you pay your car off early!!

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