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September 4, 2014

Learn all the things


Today is Joelle’s first day of fourth grade!! I honestly don’t remember fourth grade all that well… But I definitely remember fifth grade and up! I can’t believe that Joelle is getting so big! I know I say that all the time, but it’s true! Taking these pictures with her was so fun! It had been quite a while since I’d taken her portraits!

Joelle and I both always looks forward to her back-to-school pictures! We carefully pick out her outfits, and we spend the whole evening together! We took these on Tuesday, and the weather almost made us have to cancel! We had plans to do the shoot at a sunflower field, but lo and behold, the sunflowers had died! It started pouring down rain while we were driving too! But we waited a few minutes, and it all blew over! We drove around and found an old hotel to take photos at, and it worked out beautifully! I wish there was more sunlight {it was pretty dark by the time we started shooting, and very cloudy!}, so we’ll definitely have to do this again soon :)

Joelle's School Portraits-1Joelle's School Portraits-3Joelle's School Portraits-5Joelle's School Portraits-6

love her dress! I’m being totally serious when I say that I want to buy myself one.


Joelle's School Portraits-7Joelle's School Portraits-8Joelle's School Portraits-9Joelle's School Portraits-11Joelle's School Portraits-12Joelle's School Portraits-13Joelle's School Portraits-16Joelle's School Portraits-17Joelle's School Portraits-18Joelle's School Portraits-20Joelle's School Portraits-21Joelle's School Portraits-22Joelle's School Portraits-23Joelle's School Portraits-24Joelle's School Portraits-26Joelle's School Portraits-27Joelle's School Portraits-28

She looks so old in the one on the left!!


Joelle's School Portraits-30Joelle's School Portraits-32Joelle's School Portraits-34Joelle's School Portraits-35Joelle's School Portraits-37Joelle's School Portraits-39Joelle's School Portraits-41Joelle's School Portraits-42Joelle's School Portraits-43Joelle's School Portraits-45Joelle's School Portraits-46Joelle's School Portraits-48Joelle's School Portraits-49Joelle's School Portraits-50

I loved this outfit!! Her sock bun was the cutest!


Joelle's School Portraits-52Joelle's School Portraits-53Joelle's School Portraits-54Joelle's School Portraits-56

It was almost too dark to get any pictures at this point, but I decided to get creative with some lighting ;)


Joelle's School Portraits-57Joelle's School Portraits-59Joelle's School Portraits-61Joelle's School Portraits-63

So excited for you to begin this new year, Joelle! I love you!

1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade


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  1. MargaretAnn

    September 5th, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    Joelle is sooo adorable. I LOVE her sock bun! I’ve got a little sister who’s around the same age, but she would never dress up and have her picture taken. ;)

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