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May 2, 2016

Keeping Your Instagram Feed Consistent For Creatives

I am totally preaching to myself with this post. Everyone talks about how important it is for your professional Instagram page to be consistent, basically to instantly show future clients exactly what you’re about! In theory, this sounds pretty easy, right? In reality it’s a lot more difficult. And I will be the first one to admit that I definitely do not get it right all the time! I do not always have the most beautiful, or the most consistent feed. Sometimes there will be a photo that I just really want to post, and it completely throws off the beautiful layout of my feed!

I honestly think that the most important thing to remember is that you need to do whatever you want. I think that it is very true that a cohesive feed will draw people in more, and possibly bring you future clients as well! But if you’re not happy with the content, or the photos you are posting, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your feed is!

I am definitely no expert on this subject, but I’ve learned so much in my 4 years as an Instagram user, and I love sharing my knowledge with others, no matter how limited it might be ;) So here are just a few tips to keeping your Instagram feed consistent!

 1. Try to mix up the photos that you post, by switching up every other photo! For instance, if you just posted an up close and intimate photo of the bride & groom, maybe next you should post a bright, clean detail shot in order to lighten things up! 

2. Make a test account! I have a separate, private account that I use to test out the images I want to post, and I can’t even tell you how much easier it is. It’s so helpful to be able to see how your feed will look depending on how you crop the image, how it’s edited, and so many other things! Also it’s just so much fun to play around with and see how your feed will look without the pressure of other people seeing it ;)

3. Have a bunch of backup photos waiting for you! I have a folder on my iPhone that’s just full of some of my old photos, so anytime I’m feeling stuck, I can go look through that folder and get some inspiration! It’s also really helpful because if I look at my feed and think “I really need to post a mostly-white photo next”, I can look through that folder to find something that fits. Sometimes it’s hard to be super creative when you know you need something more specific.

4. The biggest way to keep your photos consistent is to use the same edits/presets on them all! If you edit one photo super dark and moody and the next is light and bright, it starts to look inconsistent. I wrote a post here about how I edit all my Instagram photos. To sum it up, I always edit the photo in Afterlight first, in order to get it up to ‘standard’ (exposure, white balance, contrast, etc. all looking decent!), and then I bring it into VSCO and apply the same preset/filter that I use for all my other photos, to make sure they all look the same! When you edit with VSCO, you can copy and paste your previous edits to your new photos, which saves SO much time! This will definitely keep your feed looking as clean and cohesive as possible.

5. Keep the colors as similar as possible! This one is SO hard for me, because I just love all bright colors! So instead of limiting myself to only posting photos that had only one strong color, I decided to let bright colors be my main theme! And also a LOT of white, because it really helps to break up all those bright colors. There are some photographers who stick so closely to a specific theme, like having all the photos on a dark background, or just dark and moody in general. I think that’s great, but sometimes it’s hard to stick with those themes if you enjoy posting more than just incredibly styled images (which definitely make for a gorgeous feed, it’s just harder to keep up with).

Really the biggest tip that I have for you is that you don’t have to follow the crowds! I know it’s super popular right now to have that bright white (basically blown out) background that matches the white Instagram background, but if that’s not your thing, DON’T DO IT! You don’t have to follow anybody else’s rules, not even mine ;) Try not to get so caught up in what’s trendy right now (yeah I know, easier said than done!), and instead focus on posting what YOU love! Because if it’s something you love and photograph often, by default your feed will begin to feel more cohesive.

Hopefully this post makes sense and is as cohesive as you hope your Instagram feed will be, because I wrote it while watching a Grey’s Anatomy episode ;) 

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