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April 4, 2018

I’m Feelin’ 22

I realized literally 5 minutes ago that even though my 22nd birthday was three days ago, I never once thought to make the “I’m feelin’ 22” T-Swift reference…. I mean this has been something I’ve been thinking about since the song came out, which was 2012. 2012!!!!!!! That was so freaking long ago. Things have changed, I try to not make as many cheesy pop song references as I used to, and clearly it’s paying off, because I completely forgot about this one.

On a more important note, this past weekend was (obviously) Easter, but this year Easter fell on my birthday! So we celebrated mostly on Saturday (though my family spoils me and we kinda celebrated on Sunday too… so a double birthday! Yay!). I decided that I wanted to go play with some puppies, because honestly who wouldn’t want to do that?? Afterwards, we ate my birthday lunch (which obviously included trifle. What is this, year 8 in a row of trifle-birthday-cake??), then drove to Richmond!

Ron got baptized on Easter sunday, and it was so great to get to see that! We also got to see their new house, now that they’re all moved in. It’s so cute! And it fits us all a LOT better than their old apartments!! Thanks for buying a house guys, I’m sure you did it just for us.

Now for the pictures, because clearly I suck at blogging lately, and I hardly deserve to be writing at all, hahaha. Wedding planning + wedding season + SO MUCH MORE is getting the best of me, and blogging is definitely becoming the third wheel. Or 987th wheel. Whatever.

Which is cuter, the puppy, or my fiancé’s smile? <3



A photographer in a Richmond group I am part of posted about this beautiful walkway of cherry blossom trees in Richmond, so I texted Kate to see if she could find it (there were no specific directions), and she DID! I was so impressed. We went before dinner to take a few portraits! It was still pretty bright, but I love these <3

Even when it’s not my birthday, he takes all the photos with me that I want… He’s the best <3


I’m so thankful for all the kind words I received on my birthday, and I’m excited for everything this year is going to bring! I’m getting married at 22, it’s crazy! I am ridiculously excited :) As if you couldn’t tell ;)

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