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July 30, 2015

If I had to plan my wedding today…

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I have had Pinterest for about four years. I even wrote a blog post about ‘hopping on the bandwagon’… Haha! I have pinned lots of things in those four years, and a lot of those pins are completely worthless. The things I liked when I was 14 are very different from the things I like now. 

So yesterday I went through all of my boards and cleaned them all out. Which is pretty insane, considering I had over 9,000 pins (down to 7,000 – whoo hoo!). But in the process of cleaning them out, I came to my wedding board. Once I had scrolled all the way to the bottom (it took longer than you may think), I started deleting pins left and right.

There were so many pins of things I hate now. Most of them were things I wouldn’t want to be caught dead having at my wedding now ;) And look! Here’s another blog post from waaaaay back in 2009, when I was planning my wedding and was dead set on yellow tulips. Dear sweet goodness.

I was on a pin-deleting rampage. I was in the mindset that if my wedding was happening tomorrow, and I had to plan it today, and I didn’t for sure want that pin, GONE. I kept only the things that I truly love, and want at my wedding. And let me tell you, I feel so much more free. I feel like everything is clean, and in its place, and it’s a happy feeling.

While I was madly deleting pins, I noticed that there was a pattern in the pins I was keeping. Rustic, elegant, fall. Those were all the things that I was loving! And maybe it’s because we’re in the midst of actually planning a wedding, but I decided to virtually plan my own! I used to dream up all kinds of crazy and impractical things for my wedding (a $10,000 venue in California? DELETE PIN.), but this wedding that I have planned is perfect. It is practical, budget-friendly, and it’s everything I’ve always wanted but never known ;)

This post is just a lot of dreaming. And probably by the time I’m actually engaged this will all have changed. But for now, today, this is exactly what I want. And an obvious disclaimer: My future husband can change whatever he wants, because it’s as much his day as it is mine ;)

So now that I’ve planned my entire wedding, it’s time to find a groom.



I had to put this picture first. If someone asked me what I wanted my wedding to be, I would show them this picture and say “THIS. EXACTLY THIS.” I want it to be in the middle of the woods, with lots of tall trees. Everything about this picture makes me happy. I want the colors to be mint, gold, white, and just the tiiiiiiniest hint of coral. Lots of rustic elegance, without it being ‘country’.

I want to get married at the end of October, or in November. I want to be cold. There is nothing I love more than the feeling of being chilly and having bonfires and being with friends! And that’s exactly how I want my wedding day to feel. I don’t want snow, but I definitely want a chill in the air.

So since the venue pictured above is in California, I had to pick somewhere else ;) I found a nearly perfect venue, just 45 minutes from my house! The Frontier Culture Museum has the perfect barn for weddings, and woods just like these!! Plus it would definitely be in my budget, which is the best part.




This type of ring has been my favorite for basically forever. This is the one thing that hasn’t changed in the fours years I’ve been ‘pinning’! It’s always the diamond in a double halo setting. It definitely doesn’t have to be this big, because I mean, come on… It’s huge. I could knock somebody out with that thing.




I just love these invitations, but definitely trading the pink for mint!



(via, via)

And we come to the dress… I 100% fell in love with the first dress the moment I laid eyes on it. Everything about it is perfect. Except it might be juuuuust a bit too poofy for me. So the second dress has less poof, and longer sleeves. They are both so classy and elegant, and I’d wear either one in a heartbeat.



(via, via)

1. This. Just this. Everything about this. The chambray, the vest, the buttons, the tie color… Just yes. I do.

2. I love everything about this except those pants. I can’t get over the color. 

The Future Husband basically takes over their attire. But I can’t help but offer my suggestions ;)



(via, via)

I just might be that bride that forces her bridesmaids to wear the same dress. But only because it looks so pretty in pictures, and these dresses are exactly what I want. The color in the first picture is perfect, but I can’t find it anywhere (if you find it, I’ll bake you some cookies). So the second dress is close enough :)


(via, via, via)

I am obsessed with succulents. So making a succulent bouquet?? Ummm, yes please. Plus those little yellow Billy Ball flowers are my favorite.

2. I really love the bridesmaids flowers, and I like the idea of having the smallest amount of coral in the wedding. 

3. Billy Ball boutonnieres. (try saying that three times fast) Yes yes yes.



(via, via, via)

1. Pretty doors into the ceremony are a must. It’s dramatic, crazy awesome, AND AN IDEA I HAD BEFORE IT WAS POPULAR OKAY GUYS

2. I’m not going to be a bridezilla. I’m going to be awesome. And that includes making sure my beautiful bridesmaids don’t sink down into the earth. BRILLIANT.

3. This sign is just all kinds of pretty. Praise the Lord my sister has the most gorgeous handwriting in the world and I don’t have to pay anyone to do it.



(via, via, via, via, via)

(heyyyyy just realized that I’m an idiot and can’t even number pictures. too lazy to fix it.)

1. Sequin tablecloth. Need I say more?

2. Barns + lights + long tables = one happy Emily.

3. My heart sung when I saw those gold chargers. Who even needs chargers?? I certainly don’t. But they were way too pretty to delete.

4. Those gold flutes look expensive, and I don’t even drink champagne. But again, it would have haunted me if I deleted them.

5. Pretty much the only thing I like about this is the flower on the plate. Hooray for cheapness.



(via, via, via)

1. I don’t like cake. I can’t eat ice cream. Not even a huge fan of pie. So what do I love? FRUIT PIZZA THAT’S WHAT. It’s kind of my obsession, and there is no way I’m not having it at my wedding. It’d be like not inviting my parents. 

2. This is so brilliant, because you A) get awesome guest pictures, and B) you get to see who was super lame and didn’t participate in the one activity you asked of them. 

3. I am also a lover of donuts. They are definitely invited to the wedding.


Aaaaaand the most important of all… WHO IS PHOTOGRAPHING MY WEDDING?

Let me just say this… I have come to the understanding that wedding photography + videography cannot be included in my budget. Being a photographer myself, it is way too important to me to pick the right photographers. I can’t put a price on those memories. I’m hoping that my wedding can stay below $3,000 (which is totally possible, by the way!), but just the photographer itself will most likely be about $4,000. That’s just the way the ball rolls.



Mason & Megan are actually the best thing to happen to my life (I can say that because I don’t have a groom yet). Their photography is just so indescribably beautiful, and there is no one else I’d rather have with me on my wedding day. Just look at one of their weddings and tell me you don’t love them now too. I’m not kidding when I say that my eyes were misty when I was reading their website, because they’re just so perfect. I really need to stop talking about them now, because I could say so much more and it will just start to sound creepy. (I love them.)

I suppose the only problem is that they live on the exact opposite side of the US. But that’s hardly a problem, because there is no question that they will be at my wedding.




And my dream videographers are Candlelight Films!  I have been obsessed (I’m apparently obsessed with a lot of things…) with them since I first saw Heather & Andrew’s wedding video two years ago. Everything about that video is perfect, and every time I watch it (which is a lot…) I cry.

Planning my non-existent wedding has always been a fun pastime of mine, and I’m excited to see what my actual wedding will look like! And who knows, maybe by the time I’ve found a groom, I’ll hate everything in this post. But that’s why I blog… to share my life and see how much I’ve grown!

What is your dream wedding?

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