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August 11, 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Photos For Creatives

Instagram is my happy place. I love finding other creative individuals and following their work, and being inspired by them! I am very particular about my Instagram page, and what I post there. Which is why I made Oliver his own account, because I want to be able to post as many adorable pictures of him as I can, just not on my pretty profile ;)

I have a few steps that I apply to every photo I post! So today I’m sharing those steps! The two programs I use to edit are Afterlight and VSCO.

How I Edit My Instagram Photos with VSCO and Afterlight_0001

I start off with my unedited image, and import it into Afterlight!


How I Edit My Instagram Photos with VSCO and Afterlight_0002

I first crop and rotate the photo if it needs it, otherwise I can’t concentrate on anything else! Haha!


How I Edit My Instagram Photos with VSCO and Afterlight_0004

Then I use the different editing options (brightness, contract, warmth, saturation, etc.) to make the photo decent! So by the time that I’m finished, it’s a pretty average photo, with the right color.


How I Edit My Instagram Photos with VSCO and Afterlight_0005

This is the photo when I’m done with it in Afterlight!


How I Edit My Instagram Photos with VSCO and Afterlight_0006

Then I’ll begin editing in VSCO!


How I Edit My Instagram Photos with VSCO and Afterlight_0007

I have purchased almost all of the VSCO preset packs, but the one I use 99.99999% of the time is G1 / Portraits! It’s my absolute favorite. But I find it a little bit too harsh, so I only do +7 (instead of +10).

After applying the preset, I typically don’t have to do any other editing to the photo! Sometimes I’ll warm it up a bit, or change the tint (the G1 preset tends to be a bit more green than I would like, so I’ll add more magenta), but otherwise it’s good to go!


Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

The finished photo!

The reason I edit first in Afterlight, is because I found that it does a much better job of giving you a base photo to work with. VSCO brightness and warmth doesn’t work nearly as well.

I do these steps on every photo I post! I definitely want my feed to feel the same, and not have sporadic editing and photos all over the place!

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