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April 27, 2018

Handmade Wood Planters

One of the things I love about Chris, is how incredibly hard working he is. Every day, he comes home from work and immediately wants to work some more! He absolutely hates being bored, and so lately he’s been building furniture. I don’t know that I’ll ever stop being amazed by the things his mind comes up with! Currently he’s working on a bench to store shoes in, and it’s coming along beautifully! He is so incredibly talented!

But his first project when he moved here, was making these planters for mom. He made them using pallet wood and some old fence posts we tore down! Then we used a propane torch to burn the wood. They are SO beautiful!! Not that I’m surprised at all ;) Mom, Joelle, and I went to the greenhouse last week and loaded up the car with flowers to plant, and I honestly don’t think they could have turned out better.

We decided to start selling them, and we’ve already sold 2 sets! It makes me so happy that he can make a little bit of extra money doing something that he loves. Hopefully, someday his woodworking skills can be a full time thing. If you could help support us by buying some planters, we’d be one step closer to that goal! We have several different kinds of planters for sale, and they’re all so beautiful. I’ll put the prices and dimensions at the end of the post!

You can purchase this as a set of 3, or buy them individually!


They were originally made to go in this corner of our deck, but the light wasn’t the best for all the photos there ;)


This railing planter is so cute!!


This long planter is perfect for mom’s vegetables, but would look beautiful with flowers also!



– Set of 3 Planters (One large, two small) – $75

– Small Planter – $25
H 9.5”  W 14.5”  D 13”

– Large Planter – $50
H 19.5”  W 18.5”  D 19.5”

– Long Rectangle Planter – $40
H 12” W 42” D 10”

– Small Railing Planter – $15
H5”  W 20”  D 5”

*Planters do not include flowers

Send me an email at emilysacra@gmail.com if you’re interested in purchasing a planter! :)

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