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August 12, 2015

Give me all the puppies!!

Wednesday Wrapup for blog

The weather lately has been amazing! Even though it’s still August, all I can think about is fall, and how close it is. I have this idea in my head of what a perfect day would be… I want to drive up to the top of a mountain, on a chilly fall day, with a campfire and hiking through the woods and laying underneath the stars. Fall is just the most perfect time of year.

I think it’s weird how something that you used to do all the time can suddenly not be a part of your life anymore. I used to read. A LOT. I could go through 2-3 books a day. And now I don’t! It’s almost like it happened overnight, but I have about zero interest in reading now (maybe I got burnt out. Or maybe I just read all the books ;) . I am really thankful that I was a little bookworm though. I’ve never really had problems with spelling or English, and I know it’s because I was constantly reading! 

So a little over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to do handstands. They always looked so fun, and so scary. But I am so proud to say that I can finally do a handstand. I’ll do another post on this later, but for now, here’s my accomplishment:


I suck at running. But I think I could be pretty great at it. The problem is my house is kind of in a valley, so to get anywhere it’s an uphill journey! I want to build up an endurance to running, before I go outside. I would love to get some kind of machine, but I can’t decide between a treadmill or an elliptical. The ellipticals seem to be much more fun (and a different workout for your legs), and the treadmill is closest to running. Which one is better? Or which do you prefer?

Olivia’s mom is back to work full time now, so that means she’ll be here every week again! If you want to follow our adventures, follow her instagram @thursdayswitholivia. Which should be Tuesday’s with Olivia now! I am looking forward to her being a little older, when she can appreciate games and crafts, and when she can talk!

I’m sharing two photos today, because I can.

Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

Just look at this tiny little sweetheart. Mom and I made the not-so-smart decision (who are we kidding, it was mostly me) to go look at puppies. We often wonder if Oliver wouldn’t be so sad when we leave if he had a little buddy to hang out with! I am so glad we went to look, because 1) they are so freaking adorable, and 2) I realized that now is not the best time to get one. If we got another dog, I would have to pay for it, and these pups are not cheap. But not just that, I have no idea when I will be moving out, or getting married. If I shell out close to $1000 for a dog, I am taking it with me. And I just know that there is no way I could separate my dog from Oliver. That would be too cruel. And another reason is Oliver is just the best. He gets so much attention, and I’m afraid that getting another dog would take that away. Oliver deserves ALL the attention ;)

It’s a good thing we went, because now I can go visit them, and know that I really can’t get one now. I just need to get married soon so I can get another puppy.

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  1. Emily

    August 12th, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    I love reading your Wednesday Wrap Ups. Also, please do a post on how you worked up to doing a handstand. I’ve been wanting to do one for years, but don’t know where to start. :) My core strength probably isn’t the best… hahaha :)

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