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July 16, 2018

Get a white house, they said…

It’ll be fun, they said ;) I have always wanted a white house, because it’s one of my favorite colors! I love white walls, white furniture, white shoes – the list goes on! It just looks so fresh and clean… until it doesn’t.

The vinyl siding on our house looked like it hadn’t been cleaned once in the 12 years it’s been on the house! It was so dingy and had green/black marks everywhere. I knew it was one of the first things I wanted to fix on the house! Plus it’s something that I could easily do myself (for the most part!).

This cleaning process has taken me about 4 weeks now, and I still haven’t quite finished! I started on the porches back in June, and then there was too much going on to finish the siding. I got back to work last week, and it is SO close to being done! Even with an extension pole, I can only reach the first story. Chris is going to have to help with the top part, though I still have no idea how we’re going to reach up there… It’s only mildly infuriating that the bottom half is super white, and the top is still gross ;)

Here’s what I mixed up to make my siding wash:
1 gallon of warm water
1 quart of bleach
1 cup of Borax
Several “glug glug’s” of Dawn dish soap ;)

I mixed it all up, sprayed the section I wanted to wash with water, then started scrubbing! I did large sections at a time, so I could let the mixture sit on the siding for a few minutes. It worked so well!! All the grimy stuff came right off. The hardest part was definitely reaching and being able to put enough pressure on the scrub brush when it was far away. I got everything on the house done except for the second story, and the back side of the house. Thankfully that shouldn’t take too long, and my goal is to have that done this week!

I also cleaned off the porches with a pressure washer. It made a HUGE difference!! The pressure washer worked great on the siding on the porch too, but I knew I’d need a brush to reach the rest of the house effectively. I didn’t realize just how nasty the concrete on the front porch was until I started cleaning it! And pressure washing the side porch with the Trex decking was so satisfying. It came off a million times easier on the Trex than on the concrete too. 

I have some before and after photos! This is the best photo I have of the porch from right after we bought the house.

The concrete color is SO much better!! I worked for hours on getting all of that off. I was pretty much deaf by the time I was finished ;) All the siding is so clean, and the railing too!


The side porch was my favorite to clean. I can’t believe how nasty it was, and now I actually want to spend time out there!!


Watching all the gunk fly off the railing was so incredibly satisfying!

After the long break, I came back last week and worked on the rest of the siding! I only took pictures of one section, but it made a massive difference! (I took the before photo after I had already scrubbed 3/4 of it :)

Now to finish the back side of the house, and somehow the top half… I’m very interested to see how long it stays like this! A white house sure it pretty when it’s clean, but it hides absolutely nothing! I wonder if I’ll have to clean the whole thing every year, or if it’ll last for a while longer? I guess we’ll find out! :)

1 Comment on Get a white house, they said…

  1. Rhonda Huffman

    July 16th, 2018 at 7:32 am

    Your hard work should last several years, at least, with regular sweeping and upkeep. Grant (my grandson) and I wipe down our white porch railing every Spring just to keep it looking bright and crisp. Loved your pix.

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