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March 17, 2017

Four Essentials To A Successful Wedding Day For Photographers

Every photographer has a few things they couldn’t live without on a wedding day, and so today, just before wedding season is in full swing again, I’m sharing mine!

  1. Gold Bar Barrette – Female photographers understand the struggle between wanting to look cute but also not wanting to push hair out of your face all day long. This barrette is extra long and extra cute, and it holds my bangs back perfectly!
  2. Marble Vinyl Backdrop – I don’t use this at every wedding, but I always make sure it’s in my car and ready to go at a moments notice! If I’m in a desperate situation and can’t find a great background to do detail shots on, this rollable vinyl backdrop is the answer! The marble is so classy, and fits pretty much any wedding.
  3. Contigo Water Bottle – These water bottles are like a gift from God on a hot summer wedding day!! I literally wouldn’t not survive without it (seriously. I pass out if I get dehydrated). I keep one in my bag at all times, and at least two extras in a cooler in my car so I can have cool water all day long.
  4. Duo Mints – These mints seriously taste like you’re eating candy! Sometimes I pop them in my mouth just for fun. These are so helpful to have on hand, especially after dinner!

What are some wedding day essentials that you have?

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