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December 18, 2017

Christmas Town 2017

It’s another year of Christmas Town! Every year just gets better and better. Every time I go, I wish I could bring my camera, but I never have anyone to hold it while I ride rides. But this year, the entire family (except for Thomas, who was being a responsible, working adult) got to go! We all had the best time, and anytime the four of us sisters get together, it’s full of lots of loud laughter.

It was freezing cold this year, but we had lots of hot cocoa to keep us warm. We made lots of memories walking through the park, admiring all the lights, and driving the bumper cars. Christmas is really here!!

Being all together as a family is one of my favorite things, and sharing Christmas Town with them made me so happy! I kept skipping around shouting “It’s CHRISTMAS!!”, which I’m sure made Chris super happy to be seen with me ;)


We really can’t take a normal picture together…

The Native Floridian was even colder than the rest of us, and spent the day rushing from one heater to the next, hahaha


Big thanks to Jenny’s iPhone flash for giving us some light on Kate & Ron’s faces, hahaha


Dad meeting Yukon Cornelius was so exciting… it’s one of dad’s favorite characters ;)


I love them! <3

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  1. Olivia Grace Thompson

    December 20th, 2017 at 6:27 pm


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