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Reginald The Swan For President: The Second Term

I have been looking forward to our family lake trip, really ever since we left the lake last year! When you have such an amazing time with your family, you wonder “how can we ever top that??”. This year’s vacation was definitely different, but it was still absolutely amazing! Kate’s best friend came on Saturday […]

June 23, 2017

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Mother’s Day 2017

What do you do when your mother deserves an island but you can only afford a candle? Oh, the struggle every year on Mother’s Day. How can you show your love and appreciate for someone that deserves so much? I am so thankful for my mom, and all she does for us. It’s so easy to […]

May 15, 2017

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A Day at the Park

It had been a little while since I’d babysat Olivia, and so I thought it’d be fun to spend the evening together! Luckily for me, she didn’t have any plans for the next evening, and so Joelle and I picked her up last Friday for some park time. The problem with taking a little kid to the […]

April 28, 2017

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This Old House

Okay, this house really isn’t that old. But we are moving into a new-to-us home, which makes our current house the old house ;) A couple weeks ago I finally spilled the beans about our move, and today I’m sharing pictures of our current house! I always love seeing photos inside peoples homes (call me […]

April 7, 2017

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Twenty One

I’m interrupting the usual Wednesday blog schedule, and bringing you my birthday post! Hooray! Last Saturday I turned 21, and it was an incredible day. My family knows how to make me feel so loved and special! Just like last year, the stupid singing birds outside my window woke me up bright and early. But […]

April 5, 2017

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So… What’s the Big News?

Unlike the cover photo suggests, this post has nothing to do with Kate. I just had a cool picture of her jumping ;) I’ve been hinting around for the last month that I had some exciting news to share! Let’s just get this out of the way… I’m not engaged, and nobody in my family […]

March 24, 2017

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