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Tips for Managing Your Inbox

Now I would not say that I am the queen of keeping my email inbox empty… but I am highly obsessed with keeping it regularly cleaned out. I really think that keeping certain areas of your business life clean and organized can tremendously affect your work ethic! For me, when my inbox is overflowing with emails, […]

May 5, 2017

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Why You Should Be Shooting in RAW

I see this question all the time. “Should I shoot in RAW?” And 100% of the time, the answer is YES! YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD!! We could just end the post right there, but I’ll keep going ;) First, what exactly is RAW? I’ll try to simplify it as best as I can. If you shoot in RAW, […]

March 31, 2017

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Four Essentials To A Successful Wedding Day

Every photographer has a few things they couldn’t live without on a wedding day, and so today, just before wedding season is in full swing again, I’m sharing mine! Gold Bar Barrette – Female photographers understand the struggle between wanting to look cute but also not wanting to push hair out of your face all […]

March 17, 2017

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How To Mail Your Equipment Off To Be Cleaned

This might sound like a relatively easy task… You put your equipment in a box, and you mail it to the specified address. Maybe I am the only person who think that this is extremely stressful?? I mean come on, I am putting thousands of dollars worth of my equipment in a cardboard box and just […]

March 13, 2017

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How To Edit Weddings Faster

Quick disclaimer: Weddings are not something you should rush through when you’re editing! Take your time, and make sure you’re not overlooking anything. Don’t be afraid to take a step back, get some food in your system, and come back in a couple hours with a pair of fresh eyes! If you’re doing that, but you […]

March 10, 2017

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Let’s Talk About Workflow Preparing For The Big Day

A photographer’s workflow is SO important! We need to make sure that we’re keeping everything on schedule, and that brides are keeping on schedule as well! A lot of times, brides are working with wedding planners who are helping them to do this. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a list too!! If […]

March 6, 2017

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