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December 31, 2017

Almost 2018

2017 truly has been the greatest year of my life so far. I feel so ridiculously blessed! There is a lot of change happening, but I am welcoming it with open arms. The biggest event has definitely been getting engaged!! I am so so thankful! Let’s just dive right in to the review of the year :)

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It’s the start of a brand new year! We got the first snow of the year, and mom made some massive 3-pound cinnamon rolls. That definitely made a cheat day necessary ;) Joelle and I started taking figure skating lessons, and on the second week of January, Krispy Kreme opened up in town! We have definitely gotten a lot of use out it this year… I photographed Benji & Alicia’s winter engagement session, and I rebranded my whole website!

The Shoot & Share Photo Contest began, and it consumed my entire existence for about 2 months… I also bought brand new custom skates, and I have been taking skating lessons most every week this whole year! It’s been the best experience. I love it!! Hannah had her going away party, and we celebrated all the time she’s had here with us. Joelle and I flew to Florida for some much needed warmth, tacos, and beach time. I shared some fears I’d been experiencing, and we had some really lovely warm weather (we brought it back with us from Florida ;). On the 17th, I waved as Hannah drove away to begin her new adventure in Washington, and I still miss her so much! I also photographed my first wedding of 2017!

The weather was very weirdly warm, but I definitely wasn’t complaining! I hate the super hot weather, but I’m also not a fan of the bitter cold winters. Kate sent me a box of sunshine to cheer me up while I missed my best friend, and I finished my taxes… yay. After all that warmth, we got a big snow storm! I photographed a fun couples shoot in the snow, and Joelle and I went to a DOG SHOW! The most exciting news of the month, was that we found a new house! Kate came home, and all us girls went and watched Beauty & The Beast together, laughing way too much in the process ;) 

I turned 21, and spent a wonderful day with my family! I blogged photos of our house, and it had already sold! Crazy!! I started a new workout program, and it was kicking my butt. I really enjoyed it though, and I want to start it up again sometime! I’m going to start Insanity again first though ;) Pray for me. I bought so much stuff for the new house, and I took Olivia to the park!

This month was full of engagement sessions and weddings! I love being busy. I got Oliver a basket for my bike, and I took him to Kline’s for some well-deserved ice cream (it was deserved because he’s just so darn cute). Joelle and I decorated for Mother’s Day, and the biggest and BEST news of the month? I announced that I had a boyfriend ;)

A lot happened this month, but not a lot got blogged! Funny how being in love makes you lose a little focus ;) I met Hannah at the airport for our first reunion since she left, and of course our first stop was Chick-fil-A ;) I started a new ‘job‘ photographing puppies at the local kennel, and it has been so much fun!! I also casually flew to Florida, and drove back with Kate because her and Ron moved home!! It’s so wonderful having them just 2 hours away, instead of 14. And then it was finally lake time!! We all had the best time together. 

Chris and I spent July 1st with his family, eating Krispy Kreme and watching fireworks. Dad started painting my apartment, and I officially moved in on the 13th! I have absolutely loved having my own little place. Mom and dad and Joelle moved in the following week, and we spent quite a bit of time admiring the new views and relaxing in the river.

I went with Chris and his parents to a car show in Louisville, Kentucky, and shockingly enough, I didn’t pass out! It wasn’t even super hot, which is amazing for it being August ;) I got the new Apple Watch, and it’s been the best tool ever. Both for weddings, and personal life! Chris, Joelle, and I went to the West Virginia State Fair, and it was so much fun. I got a new iMac, and Chris made me a metal rose for our 3 month anniversary <3

Chris and I took some adorable pictures in a sunflower field, and we also took Joelle mini golfing. I started Insanity, which is definitely insane. The weather really waffled back and forth between being warm and cooler, and I made a big switch with my client management system. The Relief Sale was on the last weekend of the month, and we got some delicious cider and donuts!

Ron, Kate, Chris, and I went to Kings Dominion! It was so much fun. Everyone but Kate rode all the roller coasters (she’s probably more sane than the rest of us), which was a nice cool relief from the heat! Why on earth was October so hot?? My Fantasy team was doing shockingly well, and I photographed lots of weddings <3 We also all went to Carter Mountain Orchard, and even though it felt like summer, our pictures look like fall ;)

I started a new business of editing for other wedding photographers, and it has been such a gift to me! So crazy thankful for it. Mom, Joelle, and I went to Chris’s house to make homemade apple cider, and lots of applesauce. It got surprisingly cold again (though not too surprising, since it was November), and with the drop in temperature, came a drop in my Fantasy scores. Chris took me on a date to Hanging Rock Observatory, and the views were so beautiful! I finally shared the photos of our new home – I’d put it off for way too long! On the 17th, Chris and I went on another date, to celebrate 6 months of dating. Sarah-Anne and Morgan came to visit, and it was so wonderful seeing her after so long! 

I can say with confidence that this was the best month of all… It started with getting our Christmas tree on the 3rd, and having our annual cookie baking day on the 4th! Chris and I went to the Greenbrier on the 9th, and had such a fun winter date. We all went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens on the 13th, which was so so beautiful! Kate and I went and saw Pitch Perfect 3 on the 22nd, and then…….. I got engaged on Christmas Day!!! AHHHHHH! I am freaking engaged and planning a wedding! It’s insane and I am so happy :) 

What a year!! I can’t believe that in 2018 I’ll be getting MARRIED. I’m going to be a wife!! 

As always, some of my favorite photos from this past year:

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