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December 31, 2016

Almost 2017

 Wow, what a year! It’s a little hard to believe that 2016 is almost over, but life moves so quickly that it almost makes sense ;)

2016 was an absolutely wonderful year (though I know many people don’t share that same feeling ;). I continued to grow my business, deepened my friendships, spent time with family, traveled, and so much more. I love writing these posts, because I’m able to look back on the entire year and see all the many ways I have been blessed.

Not everything that happens in life is ‘just peachy’, but I honestly think that life is what you make of it. I try to choose joy every single day, because it really is a choice! I am so excited for 2017, because I know that I’ll continue to grow in my faith, and my relationships will only be made stronger. I’m looking forward to all that the New Year will bring, even the not-so-wonderful parts, because it’s all part of my ongoing story.

Side note: It’s really hard to believe that this is the seventh year I’m making this post… time really does fly by!

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Even though it was only 5 days in, our first ‘snow of the year‘ was pretty exciting! It didn’t amount to much, but it’s always so pretty. I completely overhauled my website and blog, and surprisingly I’ve stuck with it (despite my love for change and designing). Towards the middle of January I ended up with a concussion (and then a second one to boot…) from playing volleyball. I can’t believe it’s been almost an entire year! At the end of the month we got a huge snow storm, and were snowed in.

I finally posted the final reveal of my room – something that was a year and a half in the making! It has stayed exactly the same, and I love it <3 Most of February was spent crying over taxes that needed to be done, though I did take a break to celebrate Galentine’s Day ;) I also took a break to fly down to Florida to visit Kate, and eat WAY too many carbs. As always, my favorite part of Florida was Disney!

The biggest news of March is that I met my best friend of six years!! Sarah-Anne and I finally got to meet, and it was amazing. We got some unexpected snow (which was both unexpected AND unwanted), and we celebrated Easter. I photographed my very first engagement session of the year, and it got me SO excited for the coming wedding season!!

On the 1st I turned 20 years old! Happy birthday to me ;) The day after my birthday, Hannah, Joelle, and I went to to the puppy farm, and YES – it was the best day of my life. I also made some pretty amazing pancakes that are still like Top 10 Foods I’ve Ever Made And Photographed. I had a pretty sucky week, all revolving around an iPhone, and then it finally got resolved. PRAISE THE LORD. I also photographed my first wedding of the year! Yay!!

I wrote about my weekend away at a friend’s wedding (where I became both florist and day-of coordinator…), and we celebrated Mother’s Day! I had the opportunity to photograph another proposal (this time at the gorgeous Stone Tower Winery!), and oh my gosh proposals make me so happy. Olivia and I spent the day together, and it felt like the rain would never. ever. stop. 

June started out pretty insane. Our basement flooded and we were robbed! It took about 3 months, but the basement is finally back to normal and beautiful again. We took a trip to IKEA, which everyone knows is the second most magical place ever (only second to Disney World). We got the pool all set up (and bought way too many floats), and tried to wash Mr. Bear (since he tragically got wet in the Great Basement Flood of 2016). The BEST part of June was our family vacation to the lake! It was exactly what we all needed. Just two days after vacation, I left for North Carolina for a wedding! What a crazy month, but I loved every second of it!

I took some pictures for the Fourth of July, and they ended up winning me a $100 gift card to Southern Shirt! I’d call that a win. I did an adorable cake smash that Gabriel ended up hating, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Olivia had lots of fun in our pool, Oliver had his 6th birthday, and we made another trip to IKEA where I proceeded to pretend like I lived there. Because why not?

MAN was August hot!! And if you know me, you know that I hated it. Joelle and I cooled off in the pool most days, since it was just too hot for real life. I wrote a very personal post about my weight loss journey, and I am still SO thankful for the many sweet emails I received after pressing publish! Hannah and I took a quick and spontaneous trip to Virginia Beach, and I had my first (and last) double header of the year. Both weddings were CRAZY hot (105*+), and the Sunday wedding had a storm so bad it blew away the whole ceremony site! At the end of August, I took Joelle on her first flight, and we went to visit Kate in Florida. 

September was full of client meetings and getting stuff done. Joelle started 6th grade (*crying because she’s getting so old*), and these back to school pictures are my favorites of her ever! I bought a new dress that I dubbed “The Best Dress Ever“, and yeah, it was so great that it gets its own mention in my Year in Review. I also made Oliver wear a football costume and I’m pretty sure he hated me for the following 3 hours.

YAY FOR MY FAVORITE MONTH EVER!! Unfortunately, this October didn’t have the stunning colors that it typically does until later in the month, but I still enjoyed the cool weather with everything in me! Joelle and I went hiking on Skyline, and BIG NEWS: I paid off my car!! Yay! We also did typical white girls things like pick pumpkins and take lots of pictures while we were doing it. Joelle turned 12, and we took Olivia to Back Home on the Farm.

I had a crazy amazing engagement session at an airport with an actual airplane, and it still blows my mind when I think about it. Daylight Savings got me all depressed with the sun going down way too early, but it was hard to be too depressed when I was hanging out at a castle and eating Noodles & CO. And even though it was about -5000* outside, we took Thomas & Jenny’s Christmas card photos at the Christmas tree farm, which turned out super cute. Obviously, because they’re the most adorable people ever. I also photographed my last wedding of the year… Sad face :( The last three days of November, Hannah and I spent in Florida visiting Kate! 

Joelle and I got a 7.5′ bear and named him Mr. Crackah. On the 3rd we got our Christmas tree, and it’s definitely the prettiest one we’ve ever had! I posted about a Chick-fil-A milkshake pie that I made, but it was kind-of-sort-of a fail. Joelle and I went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens, and we had the greatest time! I really loved being able to spend that time together, just the two of us. Kate & Ron came up for Christmas, and we all celebrated as a family! Having everybody all together again is the best present ever. On Christmas Day we took a super fancy family photo, and ended up looking a little like a family in the mafia. ;)

And now, of course, one of my very favorite parts of this post :)




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