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December 31, 2015

Almost 2016


Well, here we are, yet again. Another almost-new year, and another year in review post! I love making these posts, and reflecting back on the many fun details that made my year special. This year was a little different, in that I didn’t blog quite as many personal things as I have in years past. That has actually been a great thing for me, and something I’ll continue to do in the future! Life is so much greater when you experience it for the memories, and not have to blog about every little thing.

2015 has seriously been the very best year of my life. Yes, my short 19 years of life ;) It exceeded every single one of my expectations, and I know it’s cheesy, but I feel so blessed by everything that’s happened. 2015 has been great, but I am absolutely 100% positive that 2016 is going to be even better.

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I love being able to look back on these posts! They are so special to me :)

And now for what happened in 2015!!


I welcomed 2015 with open arms (I knew it was going to be a great year… I was right!), and got right to work putting everything in my new planner ;) Oliver got a major ear haircut (don’t worry, not his actual ears!), and he got even cuter, if that was possible! On the 16th I flew (for the first time by myself) to Florida for an engagement session (this is my job… whaaaaat. also, warm & sunny pictures in January? I’ll take that), and Kate and I took some fun sunrise portraits. We also went on a gator hunt, and even though we didn’t see any, we had so much fun looking! Olivia turned one, and I photographed her cake smash… SO adorable! The big news of the month is that I bought a new car!! No more old and ugly Harold ;) Joelle got her hair cut, and her and Kate played Bean Boozled.


Ugh. I started the month with Megan & Meredith, trying to win a free wedding ;) To this day, we look back and laugh at how crazy we were! We seriously didn’t eat or sleep for about a week. My amazing parents celebrated 26 years of marriage, and Kate & Ron drove up from Florida to surprise the rest of the family! I already knew about it, and I got an awesome video ;) I conquered my fears and cut my hair. Like, a lot. I still love it, but I’m kind of ready for long hair again! I miss my messy buns. Joelle did my makeup, and I photographed a beautiful birthday party for a little girl who is in Jesus’ arms.


On the first day of March, mom, Joelle, and I piled into my new car and drove to Florida! We went to Disney World, and I photographed my first destination wedding. I blogged about Jenny’s haircut (we all cut our hair really short around the same time!), and I bought a red wig… Haha! And THEN one of my photos got published on the cover of a local magazine. Yay!


April 1st was my 19th birthday, and I celebrated with lots of Reese’s peanut butter eggs, sparklers, and cake. I got some new equipment, including my 50mm f/1.2L. Holy crap, forever my favorite lens! Joelle guest posted, and I shared my amazing camera bag! I also shared a recipe for some delicious cookie dough dip, and I dumped all Oliver’s puppy photos into one post.


Kate flew in for her birthday, and we took lots of portraits! I got some new lightning shots to add to my collection, and I traveled to Delaware for a wedding! It was my first time getting a hotel in my own name, and without my family! Then on the 25th, we celebrated Memorial Day with burgers on the patio.


I didn’t blog about this, but on June 2nd I met an old friend from Chick Fil A for coffee, and we almost immediately became best friends. Hannah has been one of the biggest blessings in my life this year!! I love her. I bought a new speed light, and traveled to Virginia Beach for a reunion with some amazing friends! While there, I took Anna’s senior photosand photographed a wedding. That same weekend I traveled to Maryland for another wedding! And then I received my big, beautiful iMac in the mail. What a happy day!!


I shared my funny story on how a carrot helped to save a wedding day, and I debuted my new Bridal Guide and Wedding Packages! I reaches 1,000 likes on Facebook, and had a huge giveaway! I traveled to Florida for literally the shortest trip ever. I was only there for a little over a full day. But it was so worth it, because I got to photograph Ron propose to my sister!! It was SO hot, but an amazing day. Oliver turned 5 years old, and I planned my dream wedding. Because, you know, it’s so close ;) HAHA


I gave away my secrets to editing my Instagram photos, and I made the terrible (yet amazing) decision to go visit some puppies for sale. I was lucky enough to photograph another proposal (with over 6 hours of driving time… worth it!), and we hiked to the beautiful falls on a gorgeous Sunday morning! After what seemed like forever, I was finally able to do a handstand! Yaaaaay me! I also finally met my online friend Annaliese, and we took some amazing birthday portraits in Downtown. And then I showed you all what I wore for a week, because for some reason I thought you’d like that.


I started something called the Keto Diet, and it is amazing. I haven’t been on it since Thanksgiving, and I actually miss it!! I can’t wait for the first of the year, because I’m getting right back on. Joelle started fifth grade (she’s so big!!), and I photographed a wedding on a cliff. Uhhhh, what.


October was a busy month, but a quite one on the blog! I wrote a little about that here. I became obsessed with football, and (at the time) I couldn’t watch it on our tv (we have an antenna now, and I can watch all the games I want! Woo-hoo!), so I shared how I could watch it! And then Jenny and I got our eyelashes dyed. Not the most fun experience, but totally worth it :) AND Joelle turned 11!


Kate, Joelle, and I went hiking on Skyline Drive during the peak season, and it was amazing! Mom, Joelle, Jenny, and I drove to Richmond to meet sweet little Annie, when she was only one week old! And when Kate & Ron drove up for their wedding, I photographed their engagement session :)


Here we are! We got our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, and I shared the family portraits we had taken the week before! I love them so much :) And THEN, on December 5th, my sister got married!! I blogged all the wedding photosand the behind the scenes. I also surprised Ron & Kate with a wedding video, and shared Jenny and I’s maid of honor speech :) On December 21st, Hannah and I went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens! It was such a fun day, but the best thing was just being able to spend the whole day together. We celebrated Christmas Day on one of the hottest days on record for Virginia. We’ve had such a weird winter!


Soon I’ll be sharing the Emily Sacra Photography side of 2015 :) Can’t wait to post all my favorites from my weddings and engagement sessions! But for now, some of my favorite person images from this year:


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