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February 10, 2017

Adventure Is Out There Hannah's Going Away Party

Hannah and I first met in 2012 when I started working at Chick-fil-A. I thought she was the coolest person ever, because I mean, she actually is. She eventually quit to pursue her career in aviation, and I quit a few months after to pursue photography. We kind of lost touch, but June of 2015 we met up for coffee to catch up.

I remember walking away from Starbucks thinking “holy crap, this girl is going to be my best friend”, and I was so right! I felt instantly connected with her, and I knew that our friendship was going to be so special. Now, almost two whole years later, I still couldn’t be more thankful for her! She has given me so much encouragement, love, and support. The Lord knew that I needed Hannah in my life, and he provided.

This is quickly becoming super sappy, but honestly it’s the truth. She is the greatest best friend in the world. Just like I’ve felt called into wedding photography, she has felt called into aviation. She has spent the last few years working towards her goals, and she is literally the greatest pilot on the planet. I mean, she can seriously do it all.

One of the reasons I knew we were going to be best friends is that we both love Washington with a passion (side note: we’re actually the same person and it’s a little scary sometimes). The difference between us is that Hannah is actually pursuing it, and on the 17th (yes, just one short week away) she is moving to Washington. Watching my best friend pack up and leave is one of the hardest things in the world, but I feel a huge sense of peace about it because I am 1000% positive this is the next step in her life. I wish we could be together forever, but life moves along quickly, and we have to move with it.

Last Saturday was her going away party, and it was so bittersweet. I told myself I wouldn’t cry, and I didn’t! Though I almost let a tear escape during her thank you speech. I took pictures so I could always remember what it was like when we both lived in the same state ;) We have some amazing memories here in Virginia, but we’re going to make even greater ones in the future.

I will be visiting her whenever I can, and our FaceTime and phone calls will probably be nearly constant. I am so excited for this adventure Hannah is about to go on, and while I wish I could be there to walk it with her, I know the Lord is doing that job for me. 

*you can read Hannah’s post about her move here!

I love you so much, Hannah <3 You’ll forever be my person. 

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