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April 11, 2016

30 Days of Journal Prompts For Everyone

Back in March, I decided that I was going to write in my journal everyday. I’ve kept a journal since I was 12 years old, and yes, I still have them all. Sometimes I go back and re-read them, and just laugh. To give you an idea of the craziness that ran through my head when I was 12, I had a crush on this one guy and I decided that instead of writing his name in my journal, I would just call him ‘Crush’. Yes. Like the soda.

Maybe I thought that by writing his name he would immediately be notified, and 12-year-old me just could not handle that embarrassment. ;) This went on for an entire year, but I finally realized the government wasn’t reading my journal, and even if my family was, they probably could NOT care less. HAHA. 

I won’t bore you with sharing some of the things I wrote (honestly, I was not interesting), but I do really love going back and reading my entries. It is such a tangible way to see how much I’ve grown, in so many ways! Now I have trouble finding time to write (surprisingly my life is a lot busier at 20 than it was at 12… ;), but I never want to forget the things that are happening in my life right now. It’s really important to me to have these memories written down!

So I decided that starting March 1st I would write everyday. I had a list of prompts for each day, and it was so helpful! If you journal and have ever gotten stuck in a rut, this will help you so much. 


30 day journal prompt

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